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PhilHealth's new limit on cataract surgeries 'anti-poor' – doctor

Jul 24, 2015 - 8:30 AM

But PhilHealth president Alex Padilla says the agency had to implement the limit – 10 patients a day 50 patients a month – to prevent doctors from abusing the case rate system

Guingona hits PhilHealth for 'slow' processing of cases

Jul 23, 2015 - 7:30 PM

Sitting on [cases] for 6 years is simply inexcusable says the chair of the Senate blue ribbon committee

Only eye clinics in NCR monitored for fraud so far

Jul 23, 2015 - 6:11 PM

Senator Teofisto Guingona III asks the health department: How many people have to go blind before we start an honest to goodness nationwide monitoring?

PhilHealth scam: Eye doctors deny fraud allegations

Jul 09, 2015 - 9:42 AM

Can a doctor with a suspended PhilHealth accreditation still perform cataract surgeries? Apparently yes – at least in one clinic in Metro Manila

PhilHealth scam: 'Unnecessary' laser procedures done on patients

Jul 08, 2015 - 5:26 PM

How do eye clinics get more claims from PhilHealth? Health officials say doctors do unnecessary procedures after a patient s cataract surgery causing more harm

Eye clinics: 'Seekers' bring patients to doctors, not to us

Jul 02, 2015 - 9:53 AM

Quezon City Eye Center and Pacific Eye Institute ask PhilHealth to lift the suspension on their benefit payments

WHO'S RESPONSIBLE? Eye clinics are asking the PhilHealth to life the suspension of their benefit payments. File photo from Quezon City Eye Center's Facebook page

Harsher law needed to prevent PhilHealth claims fraud – Guingona

Jul 02, 2015 - 7:00 AM

The chair of the Senate blue ribbon committee says there is basis to believe a syndicate is behind questionable PhilHealth claims made by some hospitals and eye clinics

LAW NEEDED. Senator Teofisto Guingona III says there is basis to believe a syndicate is behind the questionable PhilHealth claims made by some hospitals and eye clinics. File photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

New sight hope for 6 left blind by India cataract surgery

Dec 06, 2014 - 8:16 PM

While at least of the 20 people blinded by the botched free surgery could get their sight back local media say the number of people blinded could range from 30 up to as much as 60

At least 11 Indians blinded after cataract surgery

Dec 05, 2014 - 4:24 PM

Eleven people are now blinded after a free cataract surgery initiative with potentially more people at risk for blindness