Indigenous communities and climate change

We take a look at how two indigenous communities are heeding signals from the Earth, as they cope with and adapt to a changing planet.

Tug of War

Farmers of Ifugao tribes, heirs to the world-renowned Ifugao Rice Terraces, are waging a war against a new enemy – or more accurately, an old enemy reaching unprecedented extremes: climate disruption.

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Blame game

Mindoro’s forests are vanishing at a rapid pace – and swidden farming, better known as kaingin, is eyed as one of the culprits. Are the Mangyans really to blame?

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Reporters: Pia Ranada-Robles, Fritzie Rodriguez | Videographers: Charles Salazar, Franz Lopez, Naoki Mengua | Video Editors: Emerald Hidalgo, Jaene Zaplan | Production Specialist: Allan Lazaro | Design: Analette Abesamis, Dominic Tuazon | Editor: KD Suarez

This project was made in the framework of the Media 21 Asia Project by CFI, the French operator in media cooperation.