LOOK: Mayweather buys designer shoes for his dog

JR Isaga
LOOK: Mayweather buys designer shoes for his dog
The American boxing icon and The Money Team head for another shopping jaunt



MANILA, Philippines – It’s no secret that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a penchant for blowing his money on anything he fancies. And here in Manila, the boxing icon apparently took a liking for some designer shoes… for his dog. 

Yep, that’s Money’s precious little furball strutting with two pairs of Christian Louboutin kicks – or red bottoms – while he wears “cheap Nikes.”

Even TMZ got wind of it, noting to file the purchase under, “You know you have wayyyyy too much money when …” 

TMZ  claims it has yet to see actual Louboutin dog shoes. But in any case, those booties for his 4-footed creature come with lavish price tags, for sure.


Mayweather headed to Greenbelt, Makati City for his shopping jaunt, which not surprisingly, led to a security nightmare. 

MOBBED. Mayweather gets a lot of lovin' from Filipino fans. Photo by Miguel Murga

 Back in the hotel, though, it looks like the retired American boxer had a swell of a time.


U-Hop investment

On to more important uses of money, Mayweather and The Money Team have announced their investment on the budding ride-hailing service U-Hop, one of the many services gunning to rival the current Grab monopoly in the country.

It’s safe to say Mayweather won’t be getting any Grab coupons anytime soon while he’s here. But it’s not like he would ever need them, anyway. – Rappler.com


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