Just days before his Thurman bout, Pacquiao takes a breather

Roy Luarca
Just days before his Thurman bout, Pacquiao takes a breather
Manny Pacquiao takes a day off as the Filipino fighter's camp claims he already reached optimum form last week



LOS ANGELES, USA – Manny Pacquiao really listens to his body now.

A decade ago, it was all push for Pacquiao. He’ll work out till his body hurts and his energy runs out. That used to be the daily grind.

But at 40, Pacquiao no longer abuses his physical gifts. He still trains as hard, or even harder than before, but stops when he feels the need to do so.

Just like on Friday, July 13 (Saturday, July 14, Philippine time).

After running and exercising at Griffith Park in the morning, Pacquiao opted to skip the afternoon training session at Wild Card Gym in Hollywood.

He stayed at his home in North Plymouth Blvd, relaxing and resting in the company of relatives and Team Pacquiao members.

After all, he’s reached optimum form a week ago and yet he sparred for 8 rounds and trained for nearly 3 hours on Thursday.

The grueling efforts must have taken their toll on Pacquiao, who asked personal assistant David Sison to inform the training team composed of lead trainer Buboy Fernandez, training consultant Freddie Roach, strength and conditioning coach Justin Fortune and assistant trainers Nonoy Neri, Roger Fernandez and Marvin Somodio to call the day off.

Fernandez even jokingly told Filipino media gathered outside the confines of Wild Card to “Go home, no training today.”

Fernandez said skipping training was timely for Pacquiao as they (trainers) are actually wary the eight-division world champion might get burned out before his World Boxing Association welterweight unifying title duel with Keith Thurman on Saturday, July 20 (Sunday, July 21, Philippine time) at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Wala nang itutulak pa (There’s nothing more to push),” said Fernandez. “Narating na natin (We’ve reached the peak). All we have to do is maintain the senator’s condition.”

According to Fernandez, Pacquiao ran uphill, downhill for 57 minutes on Friday and, as usual, those who kept him company could hardly cope up.

His body needs a break and Pacquiao obliges.

Freddie happy

While trainers tend to worry if their boxers skip the regimen, Roach welcomes the development.

“I’m actually happy with that, you know, after yesterday’s (Thursday) great workout,” Roach, now Pacquiao’s training consultant, told Filipino sportswriters at his Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood.

“We’ve had a four- to five-day schedule lately and it is actually working well,” said Roach, a seven-time Trainer of the Year.

This was the same training pattern Pacquiao and the coaching staff followed for the Adrien Broner fight on January 19 which the Filipino boxing icon handily won.

On Saturday, Pacquiao will run at Pan Pacific Park and spar in the afternoon. The final sparring is set Monday before Team Pacquiao heads to Las Vegas.

Roach believes the break will serve Pacquiao well. 

“Sparring days were great. To me, these are really more important than mitts days at this point. And he looks good. Tomorrow (Saturday) I expect him to look great again.”

An invigorated Pacquiao will certainly please him again. – Rappler.com


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