#TalkThursday with Col. Ariel Querubin

Rappler speaks with Former Marine Col Ariel Querubin about a pyramid-like scheme alleged pork barrel queen Janet Napoles offered his wife

MANILA, Philippines – Rappler speaks with Former Marine Col Ariel Querubin.

In 1989, Querubin was part of a coup that almost toppled the Cory Aquino government. Querubin led the assault on the military’s Logistics Command in Camp Aguinaldo on December 1, 1989. He was jailed for his role in the coup and was released in 1993.

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Querubin was friends with a captain of the Philippine Marines, Jaime Napoles who was also involved in the coup. After Querubin was released from jail, their families reconnected with each other, eventually leading to a business deal between Janet Napoles, Querubin’s wife, Loreta Cercenia, and a military doctor-friend. Mrs. Qureubin and the military doctor invested in a supposed shipyard in Cebu, lured by the promise of a quick return on their investment.
In 1994, after months of waiting, Querubin and his wife found out Napoles had apparently invested their money with someone else. The military wife, whose identity we are withholding, admitted to them that she had their money but insisted she had been paying Mrs Napoles the interest. Unfortunately, the interest payments stopped coming after a time.
On August 18, 1994, a meeting was set between the military wife, Mrs. Querubin, the military doctor, and Janet Napoles. Recalling the events of the day, the military doctor says, “When I returned to the office, Jenny (Napoles) [had] already left. A lengthy discussion ensued and Lorie (Querubin) manifested her disgust several times during the course of our conversation with [military wife]. I tried to calm her down and asked her to get rested [in] the receiving area in the office while I deal with.”
The next day, August 19, Mrs. Querubin died of unexplained pulmonary hypertension.  She was 31, leaving behind a husband and two kids: Alfred Benjamin (AB), who was barely two years old, and Francesca Eufrosina (Faye), who was 7 months old.
Mrs Napoles went to the wake on the first day and paid Querubin what “she owed my wife…in dollars.” He doesn’t remember how much. “She said sorry…I said it’s God’s will.”

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Querubin talks to Rappler about his past dealings with Janet Napoles, and about the memoirs he is currently finishing. – Rappler.com