Plane crash during air show in Indonesia kills two pilots

Agence France-Presse
A major military air show had been underway this weekend in Yogyakarta

SMOKE FROM CRASH. A plane was seen spiraling to the ground, followed by a dark plume of smoke. Photo from Rappler

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Two pilots were killed Sunday, December 20, when an Indonesian military plane crashed in central Java, local media reported.

Video circulating on social media showed a fighter plane performing maneuveres in the skies above Yogyakarta before spiralling toward the ground at speed and disappearing from view.

Seconds later a thick, dark plume of smoke rose beyond the horizon, as people in the video can be heard screaming.

Indonesian air force spokesman Dwi Badarmanto confirmed a T-50 Golden Eagle fighter plane had crashed during a demonstration and that “two pilots died.”

It remains unclear if anyone on the ground was killed or injured.

A major military air show had been underway this weekend in Yogyakarta.

In June, a Hercules C-130 crashed into a residential neighborhood in Medan, the largest city on Sumatra island, killing 142 people and causing widespread destruction. –