Adrianna Mejia

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About Adrianna Mejia

Adrianna goes by many names: depending on which social circle you ask, she’s known as Adrianna, Aids, Ericka, Rix or Mej. But even if her friends and colleagues address her differently, they all know her as one thing: a fun-loving woman who can adapt, thrive, and innovate in any situation.

She graduated with a degree in Speech Communication, cum laude, from the University of the Philippines Diliman. Shortly after receiving her diploma, she honed her documentary chops as a researcher for the award-winning ANC series Storyline. Her flair for building branded narratives was then developed during her stint as a freelance researcher for clients such as Nestle and Coca-Cola.

Matching her pliable nicknames, Adrianna now possesses the ability to tell stories in a variety of ways: as a Content Producer for Rappler, she is a writer, producer, and storyteller all rolled into one. She is comfortable writing about millennial feelings one day and dispensing real estate advice the next, without losing depth or relevance between the lines.

She is literally a flexible person too: after all, she used to be a head cheerleader, and she can still execute back bends, leg lifts, and full splits flawlessly. This comes in handy for the occasional icebreaker, photo op, and other unexpected situations.

Like most people, Adrianna usually only has two days off, but she’s a tireless weekend warrior who never runs out of beach trips and always makes time for new pursuits such as yoga and indoor cycling – all while downing more than the occasional beer bottle. And all that is why, she explains, she has never has time to brush her hair.