Miriam Grace A. Go

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About Miriam Grace A. Go

Miriam Grace A Go’s areas of interest are local governance, campaigns and elections, and anything Japanese.

After decades of pounding the beat and later doing investigative work for various publications, Gigi managed grant-funded projects at Newsbreak and did freelance research work before joining Rappler.

She is co-author of the books Ambition, Destiny, Victory: Stories From A Presidential Election (with Chay Hofileña), How to Win An Election: Lessons From the Experts (with Booma Cruz), and Investigating Local Governments (with several); and is anthologized in Unholy Nation: Stories From A Gambling Republic.

She covered the US presidential election in 2008 as a Jefferson Fellow of the East-West Center in Hawaii, learned of local government innovations in Canada as a Marshall McLuhan Fellow, and observed Thailand's election system as a Southeast Asian Press Alliance Fellow.

In 2008, the UP College of Mass Communication Alumni Association recognized her as an outstanding alumna for her contributions in the field of investigative journalism. In 2017, Gigi received the Glory Medal of Distinction also from UP.