Shaira Panela

Shaira is a freelance science reporter based in Bulacan, Philippines. She participated in the World Federation of Science Journalists' mentorship program in Asia from 2013-2014. She also teaches science communication and technical writing at a private institute. She's passionate about science education, the integration of science into policy-making, and physics.

Apr 2019
THOUGHT LEADERS 03:55pm, Apr 18, 2019
[OPINYON] Kung aaraw-arawin ang pagluluksa

Nang mabalitaan ko ang pagkasunog ng Notre-Dame Cathedral sa Paris, France, ang unang tanong ko ay, “May sumunog ba?” Magkahalong pagtataka, pagkalungkot, at panghihinayang ang naramdaman ko – isa ...

ENVIRONMENT 05:08pm, Apr 17, 2019
This Filipina scientist’s plant growth supplement has wowed the world

SOCHI, Russia – Red seaweed or gulamang dagat are not just harvested for food – they're for agriculture too. A Filipino nuclear scientist has been making the country proud by using an additive ...

Oct 2018
EARTH & SPACE 03:08pm, Oct 29, 2018
PH-made microsatellite Diwata-2 flies into space

MANILA, Philippines – The second Philippine-made microsatellite, Diwata-2, was launched into space from the Tanegashima Space Center in Japan on Monday, October 29. Unlike Diwata-1, Diwata-2 was ...

Jun 2018
EARTH & SPACE 06:05pm, Jun 29, 2018
Philippines launches 1st CubeSat into space

MANILA, Philippines – Maya-1, the Philippines’ first cube satellite (CubeSat) has flown into space through SpaceX Falcon-9 CRS 15 rocket. The rocket was launched into space on Friday, June 29, from ...

SOCIETY & CULTURE 08:03am, Jun 06, 2018
Marine scientist is 2018 'Women in Science' National Fellow

MANILA, Philippines – A marine scientist from the University of the Philippines (UP) was named National Fellow of the 2018 L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science (FWIS) Fellowship. Dr Charissa ...

May 2018
SOCIETY & CULTURE 04:24pm, May 26, 2018
Shining a spotlight on Pinay scientists

MANILA, Philippines – Perhaps everyone is familiar with Fe del Mundo, the National Scientist. In textbooks, she was portrayed as the inventor of a make-shift incubator out of bamboo. Del Mundo was ...

SOCIETY & CULTURE 12:45pm, May 14, 2018
8 of the leading Filipino scientists who make us proud

MANILA, Philippines – Whether it's tinkering with laser beams to "slow down" the speed of light, or studying mammals and researching on bat viruses for public health, Filipino scientists are ...

Oct 2017
TECH FEATURES 11:44am, Oct 19, 2017
Filipina Microsoft executive on fostering growth through technology

MANILA, Philippines – One in every three fishermen and farmers are poor in the Philippines. The numbers have rarely improved for the past decade, despite the steadily growing economy. Closing the ...

TECH FEATURES 08:00am, Oct 08, 2017
5 smart technologies a Filipino driver could use right now

On a Friday payday, the worst thing that could happen is to get stuck in standstill traffic as the flash floods rise. One minute it’s gutter deep, the next minute, you’re panicking that water will ...

May 2017
SOCIETY & CULTURE 04:00pm, May 28, 2017
5 things to make PH a better place for scientists

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino astrophysicist and data scientist Reina Reyes said that scientists are radioactive particles. If you put them together, you get "critical mass" and that's when things ...