Talk it out: 5 embarrassing moments you wish you could forget

Adrianna Mejia
Are you brave enough to share your own embarrassing mouth story?

MANILA, Philippines – We wish we could avoid it, but sometimes it just happens even without us knowing it and when we least expect it.

Have you ever had food stuck in between your teeth and only realizing it way after your conversation with someone? Do you always get lipstick stains on your teeth and people just act as if there was nothing there? 

Here are some embarrassing situations that you may or may not have experienced and how you can recover from them:

1.  “I have lipstick stains on my teeth. Never fails.”

Don’t let that stop you from wearing lipstick. It can get pretty awkward sometimes that your teeth has a red stain on it. You also have to check your teeth every 30 minutes to avoid feeling bothered by it. 

Did you know that lipstick doesn’t stain on clean teeth? If you brush your teeth and keep it clean, the less chances you’ll have lipstick stain on your teeth. 

Here are other tips: Don’t over apply, don’t bite your lips, use your index finger to remove lipstick in your inner lips, and if it becomes serious, apply petroleum jelly on your teeth to avoid stains – a little secret from beauty pageant candidates. 

2. “After my lunch meeting with my boss and some clients, I excused myself to use the restroom and found out I had a piece of meat stuck in between my teeth. Right smack in the middle.”

We’ve all been there. You may be talking to your colleagues or even your crush, and they won’t tell you you have something stuck in between your teeth to avoid an awkward confrontation.

So it’s always handy to have your emergency kit with your toothbrush, floss and some mouthwash to easily clean your mouth with.

3. “I had a long conversation with my crush at a party and thought it went pretty well. After a while I spoke to a good friend of mine and gushed over him. She then handed me a mint and said in case I got intimate with him later on. I got the picture.”

We all have bad breath at some point (i.e. every morning). Some may think that brushing your teeth is enough but what causes bad breath is the plaque that builds up in between teeth, as well as the bacteria that builds up in the in the back of your tongue. 

Mouthwash or mint is just a temporary solution. Make sure that you brush your teeth and your tongue properly and floss at least once a day (READ: The Dirty Truth about your Brush). This will help remove the bacteria and food trapped in between your teeth and gum line. 

You should also rinse after eating and drinking because what you eat and drink may cause bad breath as well. Also, do have regular check ups with your dentist every 6 months to avoid any tartar build up.

4. “I’ve always been so conscious of my teeth because it isn’t as white as other people I know. When I smile for pictures, I make sure it’s a “closed smile” so I won’t have to see how yellow they are. Or when I talk to others I always get conscious if they notice the colour of my teeth.”

The discoloration of your teeth can be caused by several things such as food and drink intake, poor oral hygiene and smoking.

WIth a few lifestyle changes, you can prevent your teeth from being discolored. Lessen your coffee intake to prevent any stains on your teeth. Soda is also very acidic and can damage the white enamel protecting the surface of teeth. 

Smoking less or quitting entirely will also help in preventing having yellowish teeth. 

Moreover, not a lot of people are aware that brushing your teeth right after a meal may also affect the color of your teeth, so rinse with water after your meal then wait for 30 minutes before you brush your teeth. And of course, practice good oral hygiene to keep not only your teeth stain–free, but also to keep your mouth healthy.

5. “I was walking down The Strip at Fort Bonifacio when I saw this girl, in her 30s I suppose, walking in the opposite direction. I noticed her because she wasn’t walking in a straight line, probably had too much to drink. All of a sudden she threw up right beside me and when I looked down, her dentures fell off. She picked it up and walked away as if nothing happened.”

Did you know that 21 million Filipinos above the age of 15 wear dentures? You wouldn’t want to be one of them, right?

There are a number of reasons why people lose their teeth. The most common would be poor oral hygiene and poor diet.

If you don’t practice proper oral hygiene and proper diet, there are more chances for you to have tooth decay and gum disease. Both can weaken the tissues supporting you teeth, leading to tooth loss

Tooth decay, if not taken care of early on, may end in a tooth extraction because the damage it has caused in the is beyond repair. 

How do you prevent all this? Dentists recommend you to brush 2-3 times a day by using the right toothbrush, floss at least once a day and visit your dentist every 6 months, or if you experience any kind of tooth pain in your teeth. 

Moreover, make sure you consume food that contain a good amount of calcium, protein and other nutrients. It would also help if you see your doctor if you have any other health complication such as diabetes, which may also cause your teeth to fall out.

Remember, prevention is better than cure.

Are you brave enough to share your own embarrassing mouth story? Share it with us on the comments section below! –

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