Coke Studio continues to advocate for environmental protection
They aim to educate the youth on the importance of recycling in each concert and roadshow event organized

BOTTLE COLLECTION. Coca-Cola was able to collect more than 9,500 kilograms of PET bottles from all of the Coke Studio concerts organized nationwide. All photos by Cola-Cola

[Editor’s note: Coke Studio holds concerts and roadshow events with the goal of inspiring the youth to properly collect and segregate wastes for recycling. Below is their press release.]

MANILA, Philippines – Coca-Cola has been on a constant mission to refresh the world by providing people with moments of happiness where they can enjoy and pursue their passion. The ultimate testament to this is Coke Studio, a platform that has shown how Coca-Cola not only refreshes its customers with its beverages but also refreshes the local music scene by supporting the best and brightest of OPM.

Coke Studio urges Filipino musicians and music-lovers to create music with a purpose – to advocate for environmental protection. Since launching Coke Studio in 2017, Coca-Cola has seamlessly weaved two of its advocacies together: caring for the environment and supporting OPM.

When they launched a World Without Waste in 2018, they saw the opportunity to use the Coke Studio as a platform to introduce this vision to the youth. Each Coke Studio concert and roadshow event is anchored towards educating people on PET bottles and the importance of collection, segregation, and recycling.

COKE TUNE-CYCLE. The Coke Tune-Cycle shreds PET bottles which will be used to create eco-bricks.

A testament to how the Coke Studio has inspired the youth through their program is how they were able to collect and divert an estimated 9,500 kilograms of PET bottles that will be recycled into new products such as T-shirts, benches, and even the iconic Coke Studio earphones with the help of its recycling partners. 

Now in its 3rd season, Coke Studio has redefined and set a new standard for events that empowers the youth to protect the planet. –

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