These 5 foods are staining your teeth and you might not know it
These 5 foods are staining your teeth and you might not know it
You might want to want to cut down on coffee and curry

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MANILA, Philippines – We are creatures of habit, and perhaps the food that has given us pleasure the first time is one thing we will find ourselves going back to again and again: an ice-cold soda in the summertime, a coffee fix at breakfast, or our mom’s adobo.  

The satisfaction they give us is not something to be guilty about, but the one thing we’ve overlooked through the years of eating what we love is stained, discolored, or yellowed teeth. We may not know it, but these five foods are the top culprits to a darker smile:

Coffee, Tea, or me?

Coffees and teas – in their many irresistible forms – are up there as main teeth-stainers. This is because they have chromogens or compounds that contain pigment and cling to the enamel. These beverages are also acidic, making the enamel softer and rougher, therefore, more stain-absorbent. Joining this list are sodas and energy drinks.

Red, red wine

The color of red wines alone suggests it is high in chromogens as well as tannins, a yellowish or brown substance that are commonly present in fruits, especially those that belong to the berry family. So along with red wine, that blueberry smoothie also contributes to your stained teeth. 

Curried away

Who can resist a bowl of piping hot curry over white rice? Hard to answer but they can also be hard on your pearly whites over time because of the deep yellow pigments they contain that stay on long after that satisfying burp.

Tomato or Tomahto?

Whichever way you say it, dishes that contain tomato sauce will find its way permanently into your teeth. Tomatoes are acidic, which causes enamel erosion and, therefore, stains. Oh, but to give up pasta and pizza? We already know the answer to that.

Soy good

Whether it’s adobo at home or sushi with soy dip at a bar, soy sauce finds its way in many, many dishes. Soy is part of our food culture. It is here to stay, but so will its dark brown color on our teeth.  

If you are keen on keeping a white-bright smile, there’s no need to fret and give up on the foods that you enjoy regularly. There’s no need to take constant trips to your dentist either if you have a DIY teeth whitening kit that you can easily apply at home. 

Holo Teeth Whitening Kit is like a dental clinic whitening experience in a box. It is a carefully tried and tested by a group of young professionals who wanted to keep their teeth whiter while they enjoyed eating what they love most. 

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What makes Holo particularly special is that it considered everything that makes a teeth whitening product safe, convenient, affordable, and, more importantly, effective. 

Holo’s main ingredients of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are combined with Potassium Nitrate to keep teeth sensitivity at bay after application.  

Unlike the rigidness of teeth whitening strips, Holo uses an FDA-approved gel formula that is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, SLS-free, and paraben-free. Its gel form allows the peroxide to whiten hard-to-reach areas of the teeth resulting in an evenly white set each use. Holo can make teeth lighter by as much as eight shades, which can be tracked using the shade guide that is part of the kit. 

The practicality of Holo goes beyond its results. For Php 3,999, a kit is already good for 20 sessions saving time and money for those back and forth trips to the dental clinic.

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In just 16 minutes of daily use for a week following three simple steps, Holo makes teeth whiter by the day: apply (the gel), wear (the mouthpiece), and smile (to see instant results)!

Holo is only available online. Learn more by checking out in between those sips of iced latte. –

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