INFOGRAPHIC: 5 ways to fight asthma

Jason Tulio
INFOGRAPHIC: 5 ways to fight asthma
Asthma can strike at any time. Here are a few ways you can cope with it

MANILA, Philippines – An asthma attack is like a silent, constant predator: it picks no time and place to strike.

Like any chronic disease,[1] it can come back at the slightest trigger or allergen (READ: Is it asthma?).

As of now, asthma can’t be completely cured but it can definitely be managed. Most asthma patients have learned to cope with their disease and have gone on to lead fulfilling lives (READ: Just another hurdle: stories of overcoming asthma). The key lies in making a few lifestyle changes and preparing yourself for when asthma strikes.

Check out the infographic below for some common hiccups that an asthmatic might encounter, and learn a few ways that you can deal with them. –


[1] Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Common Asthma Triggers

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December 2015

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