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What is Omega-3 and why your body needs it

What is Omega-3 and why your body needs it
Many don’t like it because of the fishy aftertaste but your body can benefit from it

Since the pandemic started, we all realized the importance of taking vitamin C daily. Even the ones who would only admit to taking vitamins once in a while started taking it religiously. But what you should know, too, is that we need more than just vitamin C. 

You may have heard of Omega-3 at least once in your life. But what is it really? It’s a type of fatty acid that the body needs but can’t reproduce by itself. These are essential fats – not the kind you want to shed off. 

Here are some more reasons why your body needs Omega-3:

It guards our body’s very core – our cells

According to a Harvard study, Omega-3 fatty acids are “an integral part of cell membranes throughout the body and affect the function of the cell receptors in these membranes. They provide the starting point for making hormones that regulate blood clotting, contraction and relaxation of artery walls, and inflammation. They also bind to receptors in cells that regulate genetic function.”

Obviously, Omega-3 does a pretty important job inside the body. We humans are made up of cells after all. 

It helps keep our bodies away from certain health conditions

Having the right amount of Omega-3 in our bodies may help control lupus, eczema, and rheumatoid arthritis, and may play protective roles in cancer and other conditions. 

In one study, those who took fish oil reported “they had briefer morning stiffness, less joint swelling and pain, and less need for anti-inflammatory drugs to control their symptoms.”

It plays an important role in taking care of our mental health

Studies show that some Omega-3 fatty acids can help regulate mood disorders. Scientists noticed that in countries where people ate large amounts of fish, cases of depression were less common – which prompted some of these studies.

They found that Omega-3 fatty acids “can easily travel through the brain cell membrane and interact with mood-related molecules inside the brain.” Omega-3’s anti-inflammatory properties may also help relieve depression.

It protects our heart

Because of all the things that Omega-3 fats do, “they have been shown to help prevent heart disease and stroke.”

The coronavirus may be our worst enemy right now, but let’s not forget that other illnesses still exist and we could still get them if we let our guard down and don’t protect our bodies enough. Cardiovascular diseases still take about 17.9 million lives each year. That’s why taking care of our hearts should never take a back seat, a raging virus notwithstanding.

Keeping our Omega-3 fatty acids in check

So, how do we maintain our heart health? The basic ways are things we already know but find hard to practice: follow a healthy, balanced diet, live a clean lifestyle (free from smoking and excessive drinking), and exercise regularly. 

Another way to one-up your healthy habits is by making sure your body is getting enough Omega-3. Since the body can’t create these fatty acids from scratch, you need to source it from food. Omega-3 rich foods include fish, vegetable oils, nuts (especially walnuts), flax seeds, flaxseed oil, and leafy vegetables.

But if for some reason you can’t have these foods on all of your daily meals or you try to avoid fish because of the risk of mercury, you might want to try adding Omega-3 supplements to your daily vitamins. While this won’t be able to completely substitute for the Omega-3 fatty acids you can get from food, it’s one way to make sure your body still gets it in case you don’t have Omega-3 rich foods available. 

If the fishy aftertaste of Omega-3 supplements is what’s keeping you from taking it daily, Cardiclear Fish Oil is a supplement with all the benefits of Omega-3 but without the fishy aftertaste. It has lemon extract which helps remove the strong smell and aftertaste of fish oil. One soft gel contains 1,000 mg of fish oil, which is equivalent to 300 mg of Omega-3 triglycerides. Recommended dosage is one to three soft gels daily, preferably with a meal. But as always, ​​consult a doctor before taking any supplement.

Taking care of our bodies from all fronts is a must whether we’re in a pandemic or not. Never take any parts of it for granted. –

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If you are pregnant, nursing, have bleeding problems, taking medication, or planning any medical procedure, Consult your doctor before taking this product.