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What makes a superwoman?

What makes a superwoman?
From the office to our home, we all know one

Women play different roles in their relationship circles. At home, you may be the eldest child that supports your family and be the colleague in the office who leads several projects at the same time. You may be a full-time mom who prepares your children’s meals daily, as well as a trusted amiga among your circle of girl friends.

Despite the differences, women face the same challenge of finding balance among their responsibilities at home, tasks at work, and personal goals. Here’s a look at what every type of woman faces on a daily basis and what makes her a superwoman.

When you’re a full-time mom

Being a full-time mom might just be one of the toughest jobs in the world. You wake up and the first thing you think of is your children’s needs. You mentally plot the meals you’ll cook for the day and the preparations your kids need for online schooling. In your downtime, you work on household management: being on top of cleaning the house and checking if there’s a need to replenish home supplies. 

You still make sure to have enough time for your TV series or quick chats with your friends, but at the end of the day, you look forward to spending quality time with your children and your husband. What little time you have left, you try to spend on yourself by doing your hobbies or taking care of your skin. When you look good, you feel good about tackling your motherly duties, too. This may be your routine on a daily basis – weekends are no exception.

When you’re a career woman

For someone like you who’s focused on your career, nothing is more important than the dedication that you devote to the work you do. One might recognize you as being among the first people in the office and still spot you in the group that is the last to sign off. 

While you’re spotted spending most of your time working or being in meetings, what most people don’t see is that you’re more than the work that you do. You still find time for a weekend brunch or a nightcap. You carve out time for self-care that includes exercise and skincare regimens because this gives you the strength and empowerment you need while breaking the glass ceiling. 

More than being a dedicated worker, these career women mostly have other roles at home. Some might be the breadwinner, while others may be a doting fur mom or a wife planning to start a family soon – often the reasons behind their motivation in building a solid career foundation.

When you’re a single mother

When you’re raising your kid alone, you do everything for your family unit. From taking care of your child to managing the household and earning enough income for the both of you. When you’re a single mother, you oversee everything at home and are expected to perform well in your job. 

Despite managing the household alone, single moms are often filled with energy to provide the best life for their kids – their main inspiration in juggling their work responsibilities and tasks at home. You may have trouble finding time for yourself, but when you do, you recognize the importance of self-care. Having a healthy body and skin is one of the things that helps you keep going.

Whether you’re a full-time mom, a single mother, or a woman focused on her career, it takes lakas and ganda to fulfill these important roles. Having this combination of strength and beauty empowers women to conquer the challenges and tasks they face every day.

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