What do moms really want for Mother’s Day?

Krista Garcia
What do moms really want for Mother’s Day?
Your mom would never admit that she wants these things

MANILA, Philippines – On her special day, what gift are you getting for your mom?

She will love the flowers and that essay of a status you’ll be posting on Facebook (along with the throwback photo where she looks pretty, and you look extra cute), of course.

But don’t you want to give her something more meaningful this Mother’s Day?

Maybe you’ve been too busy at work or school lately. She will not admit it, but your mother does feel a little “tampo” if all you do is focus on your gadgets instead of having a conversation with her. 

All she wants is for you to express your love and really connect with her, especially at home. 

It’s the simplest gestures that make mothers happiest. Here are some examples: 

Enjoy more time with her

Husbands and children love to treat mom to a luxe pampering or dining experience during Mother’s Day.

But how do moms usually react? On the day itself, she’ll worry about the traffic and the long line at the restaurant. She will take a peek at the tab and worry that because it’s roughly a third of your salary, you’ll end up asking her for a little “help” next month, again, when your credit card bill arrives. 

Mom won’t say no to your treat, but she’ll be happier if you indulge her with your company and attention instead. She won’t mind if you decide to stay at home this Sunday instead, and catch up with each other. 

Give her the last slice of pizza

A mother feels stressed, has cravings, and gets hungry too. Sometimes, she would like nothing more than to enjoy her favorite treat after a long day at work. 

But when her child discovers her hidden stash of chocolate bars in the ref, or she sees him eyeing the last slice of pizza, all of that disappears, and she decides that she wants nothing more than to see her child satisfied. 

Mothers will always put their child’s needs before their own, even when they’re all grown up or independent. They do it without hesitation or misgiving.

This Mother’s Day, let her know that you think of her first, too (so leave those chocolates alone). At dinner, offer her the thigh part, or ask her to get a slice before everyone else. She will notice and it will mean the world to her.

Let her know you forgive her

She feels bad for scolding you, for nagging you, and for asking you to fix your hair or choose a longer skirt one more time before leaving the house. When these moments happen, she feels like she’s a bad mother, that she has failed, that she hasn’t been able to live up to her dream to be an understanding but firm parent.

Mother’s Day is the perfect moment to assure your mom that you love her no matter what. Tell her that you don’t hold it against her for saying those things, that you understand that she just cares, and that you’re grateful that she’s always looking out for you. 

You can also promise to her that you’ll try to wake up earlier on weekends to help with the chores.

Express your love – for real

You probably tell your mom “I love you” enough times already – when you text her as you board the plane, when you greet her online for her birthday, or when you end her call asking about your headache last night.

But when was the last time you said it to her in person, and truly meant it?

When you were younger, she gave you endless hugs and kisses. This Mother’s Day, let her know that that you haven’t outgrown that. Your mom looks forward to these moments, because they assure her that you don’t take her for granted.

SHOW, DON'T TELL. Connect for real with your mom this Mother's Day

For mothers, it’s the little actions that count the most – a sorry after a disagreement, your offer to set the table, a daily text or call to ask her how her day went. More than flowers or gifts, they want nothing more than to stay in touch with their children every day.

How do you plan to connect with mom (for real!) and express your love for her this Mother’s Day? Make sure it counts. – Rappler.com

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