For parents, ‘to love’ is the ultimate role

Krista Garcia
For parents, ‘to love’ is the ultimate role
When it comes to raising children, it doesn’t matter who does what, or how

MANILA, Philippines – How far will parents go for their children?

On Father’s Day, Eden released “Drayber,” the 2nd installment of the #YakapStories online series. It featured a person shuttling from job to job in a single day – first as a tricycle driver, then as a market vendor, and finally as a car washer.

At the end, the person is revealed to be a mother, and we learn why she has to work thrice as hard as anyone else: she’s raising two kids on her own.

The video received a lot of positive comments. “I could relate to this. My dad died when I was ten and instantly, our Nanay became our Tatay. You’ll understand how it feels if you’ll be in that same situation,” Jerymie Lescano Pegolio said.

“Not the usual father’s day commercial,” said Mika Ignacio Caleon. Indeed, some commenters asked: why was Eden featuring a mother’s story on a day typically spent honoring fathers?

It’s true that fathers, just like mothers, need to be recognized and thanked for their daily sacrifices. It’s important that we also show our appreciation for them, beyond the usual quick hugs, “I love you’s,” and “Thanks Dad” messages we dispense to them every day. 

But consider this: why do we still celebrate moms and dads separately?

Traditionally, parenting was defined by clear roles split between a mom and a dad. However, this is increasingly not the case anymore. 

Just like the “Drayber” in Eden’s video, there are parents who raise families on their own. There are parents who are also Ates, or Titos, or Lolos and Lolas. There are even parents who are not related to their children by blood. It does not mean that these parents do not fulfill their duties any less. 

The ultimate role 

The mother in “Drayber” showed that parents will do everything for the sake of their children. 

To give their child the very best in life, they’ll make sacrifices. Some will work multiple jobs or toil overseas just to earn enough. Some will opt to give up their careers and stay at home. All for the sake of protecting their child’s future.

Parents face all kinds of hurdles just to give their children the best. They’ll sacrifice time and even their personal needs and dreams. Yet they still agonize over whether they’re giving too much or too little. They worry about whether they’re doing it right.

But more than sacrifices or provision, a parent’s most important role is to love their children, every day.

Love can be shown through the big things. But it can also come through small, daily gestures. Braiding their hair. Picking them up from school once a week. Talking to them over the phone every day. Making their favorite dish and add a special, cheesy twist. Kissing them good night.

For children, these moments are everything. When it comes to raising them, it doesn’t matter who does what, or how. As long as there’s love, and a child feels it every day, then a parent is doing more than enough.

How has your own mom or dad challenged parenting norms to give you the best? What do you do to show your love for your own child? Tell us. –

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