A love letter to single moms from a single mom

A love letter to single moms from a single mom
For her first vlog, a single mom shares three important lessons on love and life

MANILA, Philippines – Being a mother is tough. But being a single mom is tougher.

Take it from Feliz. She’s been single-handedly raising her son for several years now. She juggles parenting, working full-time, and even doing small businesses on the side. She knows she’s capable of giving her son a good life but she also feels that not having that one person who can always be by her side can make things difficult.

So, to share some of her learnings and experiences to other moms and single mothers like her, she decided to create a Youtube channel.

And for her very first vlog, she – or her son, Raffa, rather – shares with us three lessons on love and life:

Dear single moms, when something is too good to be true, it probably is

If you’re a single mom, diving back to the dating scene is not like how it used to. You know you’re already looking for someone with clear intentions – someone who’s willing to take on the responsibility of raising a family.

You, of all people, already know how it’s like to be heartbroken but sometimes you still can’t help but fall for someone’s flowery words and shiny gifts. There’s nothing wrong with feeling the kilig all over again but be sure that you’re able to look beyond that.

Make an effort to truly get to know the person before making any serious decisions. Always consider what your kids think about your potential lovelife. This will affect them as much as it will affect you. 

Be kind to yourself

A lot of moms tend to treat motherhood as a form of sacrifice. They often put their children’s needs first that sometimes they forget to take care of themselves. Some parents even experience the so-called parental burnout much like how people get burnout at work.

There may be no such thing as sick leaves or vacation leaves when you’re a mom, especially if you’re a single mom. But there are ways to treat yourself – hire someone to clean the house once in a while, take a trip to the salon for a quick hair spa, or get a massage. If you take care of yourself, you can also take better care of your kids.

And if life is getting too tough to handle alone, don’t think twice about opening your heart again but only to someone who deserves it.

Always make good choices

Being a mom is all about making good choices – choosing the right school for your kids, choosing the right job, and choosing the right partners.

And it’s not just about love. Choosing the right partners when it comes to household cleaning products – like extra-absorbent microfiber cloths, an automatic washing machine, and Joy Dishwashing Liquid – can help take some of the burden off your shoulders. Opting for seemingly cheaper alternatives may feel like a good deal at first but you’ll soon find out that it’s not. Remember, when something is too good to be true, it probably is.

When you take less time doing chores, you get more playtime with your kids and more time finding love. And if ever you do give love a chance again, choose what’s right not just for your kids but for you as well.  

Being a mom will never be easy but if you have partners that you can count on – be it a significant other, friends, family or your fellow moms – motherhood feels better already. – Rappler.com

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