A saggy diaper due to “babad” is giving your baby more than just discomfort


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A saggy diaper due to “babad” is giving your baby more than just discomfort
Prolonged exposure to wetness can affect your baby’s sensitive skin

MANILA, Philippines – Babies cry because of many reasons. Aside from hunger, it’s almost always because of a wet, saggy diaper.

They cry because it feels uncomfortable, obviously. But since babies can’t speak properly just yet, sometimes we don’t know what else is going on inside those saggy diapers. It doesn’t just look unsightly, there’s more to lawlaw diapers than we think. 

Since a lawlaw diaper is caused by the diaper’s failure to absorb wetness, your baby’s skin becomes babad or exposed to wetness for a prolonged period of time. That may cause painful rashes. This is also known as diaper dermatitis. According to the American Association of Dermatology, “diaper rash is usually caused by wetness and friction. Urine and stool can cause even more irritation, and this leads to the breakdown of the skin.”

It’s not really the wetness itself that’s causing the diaper rash, but the germs like bacteria and yeast that become more prominent when there is wetness in the diaper. So if the diaper is not absorbent enough, the skin is exposed to wetness or babad for a long period of time, promoting the growth of harmful elements that cause diaper rash.

A diaper rash sounds like a fairly common problem among diaper-wearing babies. But what if low-quality diapers aren’t only giving your babies stubborn diaper rash but are also hindering their motor development? That’s their ability to walk, run, and do other physical activities. Now that sounds disconcerting.

According to a study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Infomation at the US National Institute of Health, “learning to walk without any bulk in the body may be best for a baby’s motor development.” In an ideal world, it’s best for babies to walk around naked, without any bulk between their legs. But the next best thing is to go for a diaper that makes sure your baby is protected and that they feel so comfortable, no sagginess or lawlaw to think of, it’s as if they’re naked.

How do parents make sure then that their babies don’t get caught in a lawlaw diaper situation? The obvious solution is to keep on changing your baby’s diaper. That means having more diapers in hand and as a result, spending more money.

However, that shouldn’t always be the case. Nowadays, there are more advanced diapers that work better and harder at absorbing wetness and therefore fewer instances of lawlaw

And the good news is, we have this kind of diaper in the Philippines. Because Pampers Pants absorbs wetness quickly from front to back, it’s less lawlaw and helps keep baby’s skin safe from the harmful elements of babad*.

When you use more absorbent diapers, you don’t have to change as often compared to lower quality diapers. At the onset, it might seem more expensive than your usual diaper brands. But come to think of it, you only need to use a few high-quality diapers that don’t easily sag or lawlaw versus a number of cheaper ones if you look more closely at the number of times you need to change. 

At the end of the day, you really get to save more by choosing a diaper that is less lawlaw. Plus your baby gets to do more and be the best version of themselves as soon as possible. It’s a win-win situation for both you and the most important person in your life – your child. – Rappler.com

*Based on the speed of absorbency and rewet; up to 2.6x faster vs cheaper diapers, L-size, SRP


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