INFOGRAPHIC: The modern parenting landscape

INFOGRAPHIC: The modern parenting landscape
Nurturing your children’s gifts takes a modern village

Nowadays, there are so many parenting resources available, from books to online articles to parent-influencers, not to mention your real-life parents and in-laws with anecdotes on how they take care of their children as they grow-up.

It can get overwhelming. Couple this with the fact that the 20th century is just changing so fast. Just look at 2020; in a number of months, so many things happened globally that changed our entire living landscape.

Your children are changing too. Their expressions and their habits are no longer the same as yours when you were a child. Their gifts might not show up the way you expect, so of course, you have to nurture them differently too. (READ: How giftedness is evolving with the times

Though behaviors and mediums are changing with the times, parents remain consistent in their efforts to spot then nurture their child’s gifts and bring out the best in them. Parents want to understand and be better, and in understanding, we go back to the basics.

What is the modern landscape for parenting really like? TheNerve conducted a study on parenting conversations online – where they take place, what they talk about, and more importantly, the different decisions in raising children according to different parenting styles.

To accompany this research, they reached out to a total of 2,928 parent respondents. Discover their findings in modern parenting behavior here:

INFOGRAPHIC: The modern parenting landscape


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