Being a K-pop stan is more than just listening to Korean music

Raven Lingat
Being a K-pop stan is more than just listening to Korean music
It also helps me connect with other people who share my passions

My best friends were right. K-pop is indeed a lifestyle.

Before I fully immersed myself into this world at the end of last year, I honestly thought my friends were exaggerating. “How can one be so invested in the lives of Korean boys and girls you don’t even know?” I told myself.

I believed it would just be about listening to music, watching variety shows, and maybe attending concerts. I was partly correct – K-pop is about these. But it’s about so much more than that, too.

Creating connections with fellow stans

When I finally became a stan, I created social media accounts dedicated to my fandoms. At first, I was just scrolling through my timeline and barely had any followers. But being part of a K-Pop fandom in the Philippines is never lonely.

Slowly, a few people started to interact with me. In just the span of a few months, I have become friends with people of all ages and from different parts of the country.

Here’s a testament to the connection you can create with fellow fans: just yesterday, a fandom friend celebrated her birthday. She received cakes from a few of our mutual friends.

Trust me, this isn’t the most heartwarming thing K-pop fans have done. When the pandemic began, various fandoms immediately organized donations for medical frontliners. You might have heard of various efforts from Filipino BLINKs and Melodies, among others.

It wasn’t just a one-time thing either. In November, group order managers allocated part of their profits from album orders to donations for residents of Tuguegarao and Isabela. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that by buying an album, I could also donate to somebody in need.

These initiatives are not limited to times of distress. Other K-Pop fans also donate to charity under their favorite idol’s name during these idol’s birthdays or debut anniversaries.

Pursuing passions with fellow stans

What makes all of these possible? Oftentimes, these are collective efforts from a group of friends. This is because the K-pop industry fosters a sense of community.

As members of a fandom, we push each other to become better versions of ourselves. We support each other through our toughest moments. During work-heavy days, my K-pop friends send me pictures of our favorite boys. While I do love my idols, at times I feel like becoming friends with other people in my fandom is the best thing about being a fan.

My biggest realization for the year? More than being a fan, K-pop is about creating connections with other people who share your passions.

Looking at my fellow youth who use their passion for K-Pop as an avenue to create an impact on other people’s lives, especially those in need, I can say that they #LiveGiga. This community is for anybody who doesn’t just want to have fun but also wants to create a positive impact while doing so.

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So don’t hesitate! I’ve never regretted being a fan and can confidently say that this is one of the highlights of my youth.

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