Conversation: Not all heroes wear capes

KD Suarez
Conversation: Not all heroes wear capes
Heroes are heroes not just because they are to be admired. Join our Twitter conversation on August 29 using the hashtag #HowToBeYou

MANILA, Philippines — In a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey that asked Filipinos who they considered to be a genuine Filipino hero, the top of mind answer for 75% of those asked was Jose Rizal. 

It’s easy to see why. Our national hero devoted his life to defending the country’s sovereignty. He paid for his patriotism with his life – but it was not in vain, because he inspired his peers to march on with the 1898 revolution that earned our nation its first taste of freedom from colonizers.

Rizal’s courage, devotion, and sacrifice are what painted him a hero in the eyes of Filipinos. But come to think of it, there are many heroes like Rizal who continue to exhibit these qualities in this day and age.

Today, many Filipinos continue to exemplify heroism through honest work, value for others’ lives, and a willingness to stand up for the truth no matter what. They’re our OFWs, our civil servants, or the most selfless characters in our offices. They’re our loyal best friends, our devoted teachers, and our hardworking mothers – all of them, through the course of their small actions, influencing us to become our best selves.

Heroes are heroes not just because they are to be admired, but because they remind us that humans are capable of amazing things. They inspire us to follow suit and do amazing things as well. Because of their loyalty, their devotion, their passion, we are able to recognize the strength in ourselves.

They make us stop in our tracks and say, “How to be you?”

Heroes are heroes because they inspire us to progress and fulfill our own ambitions for a better world.

On August 29, National Heroes Day, it’s fitting to launch a conversation on heroism and what it truly means in our time.  We’d love to know: who are your modern-day heroes? Who are the people who have inspired you to fulfill your dreams? Let us know by joining our Twitter conversation from 11 am onwards, using the hashtag #HowToBeYou.

When the going gets tough and our mission seems impossible, consider the freedom we enjoy today and remember who we have to thank for that. The memes were right — not all heroes wear capes. –

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