Here’s how you can avoid getting sick this rainy season
Here’s how you can avoid getting sick this rainy season
Avoid sick leaves!

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MANILA, Philippines — The onset of rain these past few weeks have given us reprieve from the unbearable heat — however, it also means that flu season is now in full swing.

The rain might be unpredictable, but don’t let that be a reason for you to get sick! Aside from making sure you always have your rain gear with you, here are a few ways you can stay in top shape this rainy season.

Stock up on Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which boosts your immune system’s defenses against diseases. It also increases the production of white blood cells, so be vigilant about taking your pills everyday! Make citrus fruits, dark leafy veggies, and tomatoes part of your diet as well.

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Wash your hands frequently

It’s a simple way to prevent the spread of germs, but it’s one often forgotten. You touch bacteria-infested surfaces everyday — coins during your daily commute, door handles, even the people you touch! Keep yourself and others healthy by frequently washing your hands or using a sanitizer.

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Drink lots of H2O

Here’s another healthy habit people often neglect to keep. Staying hydrated cleanses the body of bacteria. Bring a water bottle along so you remember to hydrate. You can even infuse your water with herbs. Try green tea and hibiscus tea!

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These are simple steps, but they can go a long way in ensuring you remain at your best during the rainy season. —

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