The TV experience, then and now

Nikki Natividad
The TV experience, then and now
It’s the dawn of the digital age, yet the TV is still valiantly relevant. Here’s why

MANILA, Philippines – Somewhere in the center of a typical Filipino home is a television set.

Even at the dawn of the Internet age, the television remains a relevant appliance. But since the evolution of technology and quality TV programming, the way people consume entertainment has changed significantly. We are no longer just spectators, looking in from the outside. We are now immersed. 

Today, TV shows have long shed canned audience laughter and predictable narratives in favor of wittier and more daring plotlines.

Even programs that have a more fantastical quality retain realistic and relatable themes that make fictional universes seemingly possible. Especially since there are now genuine Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs that have resolutions 4x greater than the usual Full HD TV, there’s no helping getting fully engrossed in whatever movie or show is screening at the time. 

That’s why death in shows like Game of Thrones is always so shocking. That’s why fight scenes in games like The Last Of Us are always so gripping. And that’s why there’s always that sad, empty feeling that lingers when a long series, movie, or game finally ends.

Sometimes, TV isn’t just something to pass the time. It’s a way to experience being elsewhere. And that’s what makes it so great. –



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