The new Twitter guy who’s making data education more fun

Jules Matabuena
The new Twitter guy who’s making data education more fun
Got questions on mobile data? @askmartysmarty can give you all the answers

MANILA, Philippines – Staying online 24/7 and posting real-time updates on various social media pages from practically anywhere have become the norm rather than the exception these days, thanks to mobile data.

It’s no longer surprising to see someone, say, during your daily commute killing time by checking out Facebook updates, posting selfies on Twitter or Instagram, playing online games, reading articles, or streaming their favorite shows and movies with their smartphones.

Surely, at one point you’ve probably wondered how much data you consume when you watch all those viral videos and vlogs by your favorite personalities, or when you post a status on Facebook.

Since mobile data has become so closely integrated into our lives, there’s now a growing demand for information on maximizing how we use it. Many turn to the Internet – especially Twitter, which is home to experts on practically every topic imaginable.

We’re always on the lookout for new experts and sources, and recently we’ve discovered a new one-stop repository for all things concerning mobile data: Marty the Smarty (@askmartysmarty), dubbed as “your new go-to mobile data dude.”

Characterized by his signature cap and shades, Marty the Smarty is much like a fun-loving, tech-savvy younger brother who’s up-to-date with the latest trends in tech. Marty is there to help with all your basic questions about mobile data: he’ll cover topics such as activating data connection, making the most of your mobile data consumption, and preventing background charging.

What’s more, Marty can also provide you information on the latest apps and services that fit your lifestyle, as well as the latest news from the tech world.

If you have any questions on all things mobile data, just hit up Marty the Smarty through Twitter @askmartysmarty.

Aside from Twitter, Marty has a helpful website set up, It has an About Me page where you can get to know more about Marty, the Digipedia section where confusing data terms and technical online jargon are explained in simpler terms, the Digital Lifestyle category where you can find the latest apps and updates to amp up your lifestyle, and the Tech Bites page where handpicked content on the latest trends in tech, the newest gadgets, and innovations are found. –

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