Why do we fly?

Adrianna Mejia
Every time you fly, you are not just traveling from one point to another. You are reliving one of mankind’s greatest feats: the ability to take dreams to the skies

Do you remember the feeling of being up in the air for the first time?

Imagine the feeling of being 10,000 feet up in the sky, of being keenly aware of how your stomach turned when you glance down at the rapidly dwindling city. Recall that feeling of thrill; of adrenaline rushing through your body once you realized that you’re at an even higher altitude than mountain peaks.

Every time you fly, you are not just traveling from one point to another. You are reliving one of mankind’s greatest feats: our ability to take our dreams to the skies. Though we are not physically capable of flying, the perfect combination of innovation, determination, and skill have made the once impossible possible.

The history of flight

Wilbur and Orville Wright – more popularly known as the Wright brothers – dreamed of and studied how to make humans fly. It was more than physics and engineering astuteness. It also took tenacity and courage.

In December 1903, they were able to achieve the first fully-powered, controlled, and sustained airplane flight. Two years later, they were also successful in building and flying the first fully practical airplane, which became the prototype of today’s modern flying machines.

They did not settle with making their dream of flight possible – they were determined to make it real for everyone.

THE PIONEERS. The Wright Brothers paved the way for other innovators to take flight.

Their story wasn’t just about creating the perfect aircraft. Their story was also about going beyond what they thought they were capable of, and giving everything that they had, believing that their work could change the world, help lives, and shape the future.

The Wright Brother’s triumph proves that curiosity, along with a willingness to step out of your comfort zone, can take you to places and heights you’ve never imagined.

It is mankind’s insatiable desire for exploration that has enabled us to achieve innovation on every front. Even the luggage that we carry every time we step on a plane was wrought through the journey of craftsmen who used cutting-edge technology to combine security, comfort, and style.

Luggage company Rimowa took this journey to greater heights by painstakingly recreating the Junker F13 – the world’s first all-metal transport aircraft. This is the premium luggage brand’s way of getting in touch with tradition and showcasing their experience, attention to detail, and passion for excellence in travel. Watch below.


The purpose of flight

The story of the Wright Brothers, Alfred Wilm, and Hugo Junkers have no shortage of chapters on hard work and failure, but they were able to attain more than what was expected in the end. Now everyone remembers them for their successes.

A TRUE MASTER. Hugo Junkers developed the world’s first full-metal passenger plane in 1919. Almost a hundred years later, Rimowa has recreated the legendary aircraft as a testament to a tradition of excellence and passion.

Think of how they pushed themselves despite skepticism and rejection from engine manufacturers and the public. Think of how they relentlessly worked on the dream for years, and never quit until they were able to achieve their full dream of flight.

There’s really not much of a difference between the story of these pioneers and how you want your own story to be written. When it comes to doing things that you enjoy and love, you would be willing to go the extra mile to give it everything that you’ve got.

This can be as simple as going for your love of travel. 

If you need to take a breather from work or just want to go explore a new place to satisfy your wanderlust, go for it. There may be challenges along the way like time and budget, but always bring it back to why it makes you happy and how much you’re willing to find a solution to make it happen for you. Bring back the joy of travel. It doesn’t need to be an extravagant trip. Go to your dream destination and enjoy every moment of it – from planning to packing to finally making it happen.

Having a sense of adventure will take you places you never imagined. An eye for quality and detail will make it all worth it. 

A MISSION FULFILLED. What dreams, lessons, and experiences do you take home from every journey?

Imagine putting the time and effort in planning for something, and that feeling of getting so much more in return: choosing your destination, activities you’ll try, the company you choose to be with and even bringing the right essentials such as a dependable luggage. These things aren’t always given top priority but paying attention to these details helps in creating good experiences in your life, much like how it helped for the Wright brothers.

Remember that even the smallest details, the character that you build along the way, and the lessons you learn from your own mistakes will make the experience even more fulfilling.

Usually, we mark the destination as the milestone. But next time you fly, remember what it took the innovators of aviation to get you up in the air. Your transit is a journey and a feat in itself. When you can apply that same mindset to other aspects of your life and career, even setbacks can become opportunities to be better.

Every encounter can be a step towards a bigger world, full of possibilities.