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Is my office a safe place to work?

Raven Lingat
Is my office a safe place to work?

Two colleague female workers in office company have a greeting by touching the elbow or elbow bump to prevent covid 19 infection. All people wear mask and keep social distancing by sit away from other

Here’s the truth: Your employees need assurance before reporting to work

Amid the pandemic, physical distancing regulations have now become one of our major considerations when going somewhere. 

As we conduct our daily tasks and run our errands – such as going to the bank or buying groceries – it is inevitable that we encounter other people. Because of this, the need for public spaces to amplify their health and safety protocols is one that cannot be ignored. 

Nowadays, consumers typically flock to establishments that facilitate minimized contact either through cashless payments, curbside pickups, or online deliveries.

And while the highly-recommended solution is to go digital or utilize online services, sometimes this is just not feasible for specific types of businesses.

This is true for offices. An office space is typically occupied by a number of people who all stay in an assigned location for most of the day. 

Since each individual accomplishes only a part of the company’s daily output, this means that several people are required to work closely together. Thus, it has become extremely necessary for offices to redefine their pre-pandemic protocols.  

Employees need reassurance regarding their safety

We understand that not all businesses can afford to go fully-digital just yet. But as employees, we also need reassurance that our workplaces are doing their best to ensure our safety.

As an employee, one of my considerations is the option for flexibility when it comes to working spaces. My company should give my fellow employees and me the freedom to work from home.

But in the event that I am required to report to the office, my foremost consideration would have to be knowing that the company has done its best to minimize physical contact. 

Before entering any building – especially the office – I first ask myself: has this space adapted to the need for physical distancing? Are face masks required? Are temperature checks done manually? Do we have to clock in by touching the same machine?

Offices need to go touchless

Without a doubt, these processes have to be conducted digitally. 

Jumping off from this, Sprout Solutions – a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that is known for providing Filipino companies with world-class, cutting-edge technology to administer human resources services such as payroll and benefits – has come up with Sprout Touchless.

Sprout Touchless is a product that facilitates the execution of required safety protocols without physical contact between people.

With this, office spaces are capable of reading biometrics without touching. It does away with manual processes when it comes to recording attendance and getting temperatures of employees. 

This automated process not only helps in making offices safer. It also allows companies to reduce overhead costs and manual work when it comes to safeguarding their premises. 

If you’re looking to resume office work for your employees, it’s time to consider whether your office is safe for work. And with Sprout Solutions, you can digitize and automate these safety protocols and other HR processes. 

For more information on how Sprout can help you transition to more touchless processes, you can visit their website and Facebook page to book a demonstration. –