Quiz: Which camera phone suits you?

Nikki Natividad
Quiz: Which camera phone suits you?
Answer our poll to reveal your camera phone preference

MANILA, Philippines — “Pics, or it didn’t happen!” cries a millennial somewhere.  

In an age of Instagram, Snapchat, and selfies, quality cameras are no longer just a nice add-on to your smartphone. They’re practically non-negotiables. 

This is why so many smartphone brands put a lot of emphasis on the quality of their cameras. Brands like Samsung, iPhone, and Huawei are constantly boasting of new, upgraded lenses and swift shutter speeds. But in the end, it’s not just about the megapixels or the lowlight capabilities; it’s about the output. And when it comes to output, it’s really all a matter of preference.  

Do you prefer cool tones or warm tones? Do you favor vivid hues over a less saturated image? How much light should flood the picture? 

No two, or in this case, 3, smartphone cameras are created equal. Take this quiz to find out which camera phone suits your unique taste: the Samsung S7, iPhone 7, or Huawei P9. — Rappler.com  

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