Unexpected life lessons from ‘The Kris List’

Krista Garcia
Unexpected life lessons from ‘The Kris List’
Turns out Kris Aquino has a lot to say on life, food, success, and even road safety

MANILA, Philippines – Kris Aquino has never been shy about talking about her personal life.

Most of the time it’s entertaining. In some cases, it’s surprisingly enlightening and even relatable.

The “queen of talk” recently launched an online series called “The Kris List,” where she gets to experience stuff she’s always wanted to try (camping beside Caliraya Lake!) or acquire new lessons from familiar things (such as driving or making breakfast). Talented artists, writers, and even the vice chairman of a real estate group joined in on her adventures.

As the episodes showcased Kris’ candid attempts to fulfill her very own bucket list, she liberally dispensed tips that, taken on their own, actually sound like solid life advice.

Turns out that in life, food, or even road safety, we can all learn a thing or two from the “queen of talk.” Here’s a sampling:

“If you want something to turn out beautiful, you have to give it time.”

In the pilot episode, Kris took calligraphy lessons from crafter and pattern designer Alessa Lanot. As she learned to cross her t’s and dot her i’s with extra flair, she mused aloud that in life and calligraphy, space and time are needed to achieve perfect results. Patience, practice, and going with the flow makes things better.

“Family is the time you give the ones you love.”

Spending a whole day outdoors is a rare treat for Kris, especially if she gets to do it with son Bimb. The calm atmosphere at Caliraya Lake inspired her to see her past failed relationships in a positive light: without them, she won’t have her sons. For her, love is what makes a family complete, regardless of roles or luxuries.

“There is merit in doing things step by step… and patiently waiting for all of it to come together.”

In episode 3, Kris asked her designer friend Avel Bacudio to teach her how to make authentic laing, the way true Bicolanos prepare it. They only use fresh leaves and high-quality meat and do not mix the leaves with the pork. In this day and age where everything is instant and available with a few clicks, it’s especially rewarding to still enjoy things that go through a thoughtful process, such as recipes from home.

“Sometimes, it’s really the journey that counts.”

For moms like Kris who often travel with their kids, road safety is important. As motoring journalist James Deakin took Kris for a spin around the city, he reminded her about fundamental road rules, such as doing a visual check of the car, or controlling your temper even if the traffic (or a fellow driver) isn’t cooperating. Dash cams are a great tool, too, Deakin said, because people will generally behave better if they know they’re being recorded. 

“Simple recipes are really delicious… because they come from love.”

In the 5th episode of the series, Kris learned how to make a dinner-worthy breakfast with the help of a chef from the Purefoods Culinary Center. As she whipped up fancy brittle pancakes from scratch and prepared crepes using simple ingredients such as hotdogs and ham, she mused on the challenges of being a working mom: after a busy day at work, she’s tired and she doesn’t have the energy to make a big meal for her family. But even if she just makes a quick and easy dish such as eggs or waffles, her kids love it. “They never really forget that,” she said.

“People who have the courage to overcome great odds are the people who inspire us.”

Many people have heard of the W Group of Companies that owns several buildings in Bonifacio Global City. But few have met its Vice Chairman, Rosalind Wee. In the 6th episode, she told Kris about how she and her husband started out with small businesses such as silk-screening t-shirts, selling fish in Divisoria, or renting out movies. With hard work and determination, they grew their wealth from a simple seaweed used in countless food items like ham, sausages, and even ice cream. “In this world, nothing is easy. You have to work hard for it,” Mrs. Wee told a visibly moved Kris.

So what do you think? Did you find these life lessons relevant? What should Kris do next on her list? Tell us below. – Rappler.com

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