My life itinerary: Beyond curated social feeds

Angely Dub
My life itinerary: Beyond curated social feeds
'You might think that I’m just one of those travel bloggers who go on trips sponsored by airlines or hotels. I am not.'

MANILA, Philippines – My passion in life has always been to travel the world. There’s always this rush in me whenever I pack my bags, hop on a plane, and fly off to some place new. I guess it’s because I find inspiration in every destination and in every person I meet during my travels. 

You might know me from my Instagram page or at least seen one of my posts on social media, where I showcase all my unique travelling experiences, from walking through the deserts of Morocco to sailing on the great waters of Greenland. You might think that I’m just one of those travel bloggers who go on trips sponsored by airlines or hotels. I am not. I am the feisty 26-year old CEO of my own travel agency.

I’m the woman behind Access Travel and Tours, Inc., a travel agency dedicated to creating meaningful experiences for Filipinos from all walks of life. While we have packages for the usual destinations Filipinos visit, we specialize in one-of-a-kind expeditions at non-conventional destinations. What makes us unique is that I personally lead each expedition to ensure each client gets the best travelling experience. Over the course of 6 years in the industry, I have toured a total of 3,120 people, many of whom are A-listers and celebrities. 

I attribute the growth of my young company to my love for travel and the joy it brings to people. I always get inspired by new cultures and majestic views. I thought to myself, why not turn my passion into a business? That passion turned into a mission to bring every unknown destination closer to every Filipino, show them that there is more to travel than the usual Paris, New York, and Rome.

Without a doubt, Instagram has helped me with business. While others post about where they’ve been and the views they’ve seen, my Instagram posts mean more than another postcard photo. I dedicate my IG to my travels in the hopes of igniting the travel bug in others. I use it to show my clients what they can expect, and that there is more to the world than the usual tourist spots. Through my IG, I try to reach Filipinos in the Philippines and all around the world.

I appreciate all the followers I get and in return, I want to share with them a part of my adventure with every posted photo. I see social media as a platform for sharing and a business investment to connect with people from all walks of life. My tip is to look beyond the curated feeds and find a way to use social media for yourself and others reach your goals. 

Despite the success my company and I have had over the years, I remain hungry and driven. I’ve always been entrepreneurial, and I want to spark the same passion in everyone. In life and in business, I choose the road less traveled and I embrace the challenges along the way. I believe that if you are confident enough, you will find a way no matter how dark the days are. And trust me, once you have found the way, no negative force on the planet can stop you from reaching your dreams. People once laughed at me for getting into this crazy business. Six years later, I’m finally making a name for myself.

I think it is human nature to be scared of risks and hard things in life. Because of this, we don’t strive to become more than what we already are. But we have to try; we have to stop comparing ourselves against what others have, especially what others post on social media.

I hope other people take the leap and pursue their own dreams like I have. Even if my company did not turn out as successful as it is today, I would still be hustling day in and day out while doing what I love most. For me, that is what I stand for and what Access Travel stands for today – proof that my small everyday wins can lead you to the very moment you’ve always dreamed of. –

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