[WATCH] How to create your own creamy spinach pizza for movie nights with the fam

[WATCH] How to create your own creamy spinach pizza for movie nights with the fam
Make weekends with the family more special

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Finally found the perfect film for the next movie night with the fam? Now all you need is a great snack to go with it. Not sure what to serve? We got you.

[WATCH] How to create your own creamy spinach pizza for movie nights with the fam

Creamy spinach pizza is getting a lot of attention these days, and instead of getting one delivered to your doorstep, why not spend some extra quality time with the family right before movie night to prep one yourselves?

Cooking with your loved ones is a great way to bond, and can only make movie nights more memorable. If you think that’s intimidating, don’t worry. Ingredients for a creamy spinach pizza are easy to find and this won’t take too long to prep. Plus, the secret to making a delicious pie is to find a rich and full-bodied cream like the Nestlé All Purpose Cream as the sauce’s base.

Here’s the recipe that we followed from the video above:

To serve with your pizza, you can bring in different sauces. You can never go wrong with some tabasco, but if you’re feeling a little adventurous you can try gochujang or buldak for a little spice, or sriracha for a milder kick. And if you want it a little sweet, try some honey. Trust us! It will be good.

Since the creamy spinach pizza will be savory and rich, you can also try something salty like chips or wings. Then something light and refreshing for drinks, like ginger ale or fresh lemonade.

Now, if you’re hooked on cooking food for movie nights with the fam and are wondering what else you can prepare, say less. Here are other recipes you can try inspired by restaurant favorites:

And if these aren’t enough to bring out the inner chef in you, createwithnestle.ph has a bunch of other recipes that can inspire your creativity – from easy peasy ones to more complex flavors that will impress the toughest of the chefs. Check the page out for more fun recipes. – Rappler.com