How to get the biggest savings from your trusted brands
How to get the biggest savings from your trusted brands
You can never go wrong with value-for-money purchases!

[Editor’s note: The following is a press release from PLDT Home]

MANILA, Philippines – Everyone loves a sulit purchase. Whether you’re on a budget or on a splurging mode, getting the most bang for your buck is a simple yet profoundly rewarding feeling.

When it comes to spending, less doesn’t always mean more. Oftentimes, investing early on or upgrading strategically can be more cost-efficient especially for necessary items and essential services at home.

Here are five ways you actually save more in the long run by strategically spending now.

Bigger is better

For regular-use items like detergent soap, shampoo, dishwashing liquid, coffee, or milk, buy the bigger or family-sized packages. This eliminates the need for you to buy more often. Items which come in refillable containers also give you more savings because you’ll only have to buy refill packs which are cheaper. The same principle applies to buying in bulk aka wholesale especially for food items you consume daily like rice or eggs.

Pay in full

Whenever you can, it’s always best to settle your bills in full. This especially applies to credit cards and tuition fees. Paying in full means you avoid interest charges which can significantly compound debt. In most schools, a discount is given to parents who opt to pay in full at the start of the school year. Aside from the savings, not having to worry about succeeding payments is always a priceless feeling.

Get an extra


Having an extra of everything is not just convenient, it’s also practical. For instance, buying two pairs of reasonably priced office shoes so you can alternately use them is a smarter choice than buying one expensive pair which will wear out faster if used daily.

Buy in bundles

Aside from saving you money, bundles save you shopping time. It also helps you avoid the temptation of choosing a more expensive brand. There are bundles for food items, toiletries, clothing and even digital services.

PLDT’s Best Buy Bundle is a bundle that brings together the digital lifestyle basics of Filipino families — home broadband, mobile connectivity and home entertainment.

The Best Buy Bundle enables subscribers to mix and match unlimited PLDT Home Fibr, Smart mobile, and Cignal pay TV plans. Aside from the unified bill, subscribers enjoy huge savings of up to 15% off when they bundle three services and 10% off if they choose a pair. The savings are actually quite substantial if you do the math — up to P11,300 in a year.

The best part about PLDT’s Best Buy Bundle is that you can actually upgrade your broadband, mobile and pay TV plans and end up saving more. Making the most of your hard-earned money is always a challenge but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. The first crucial step is changing the way you think about spending.

Remember: Spending less now does not always mean you actually save more. By thinking ahead and looking at the bigger picture, you can make smarter and more practical purchase decisions without compromising quality and comfort. —

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