Rappler job openings

Rappler job openings
(1st UPDATE) Do you want to be a part of Rappler? Here is a list of our job openings.

MANILA, Philippines – Rappler is growing, and with this growth comes the desire to find new people to join us in moving the world.

We have some new openings for people interested in working in the journalism industry, and if you’ve got the drive to succeed, we’d love to see what you’ve got.

Below is a list of job openings at Rappler: 

1. Multimedia Reporter

A Rappler Multimedia Reporter values truth, ethical reporting, and accountability, fueled by a passion to tell the truth despite adversity. A working journalist or at least a graduate of a media-related course in college, he or she exhibits advanced journalism skills and requires minimal supervision in writing and producing news articles, in-depth features, and investigative reports. He or she is also a digital native who tells stories using text, photos, podcasts, and videos. Going beyond the call of duty, a Rappler Multimedia Reporter is willing to multitask and work long hours while constantly experimenting and showing willingness to learn new things.

Interested applicants may send their cover letter, résumé, 3 writing samples, and links to multimedia news outputs, if any to jobs@rappler.com. Use ‘MULTIMEDIA REPORTER’ as email subject.

2. Community & Digital Communications Specialist

A Community and Digital Communications Specialist is responsible for community-building and engagement efforts, as well as brand reputation management of the organization. S/He will work with a team of fellow Community and Digital Communications Specialists and will interface with other units within Rappler and communities outside.

Core duties and responsibilities:

  • Create and produce digital content geared towards audience growth and community engagement
  • Monitor and report the outcome of audience and civic engagement efforts
  • Collaborate with other Community and Digital Communications specialists and perform the following:
    • Community-building and engagement efforts
    • Crowdsourcing and citizen journalism executions
    • Curating social media posts
    • Content production
  • Propose and write reports/stories related to data gathered
  • Design and implement online content marketing campaigns and strategies
  • Plan and organize online and on-ground social media, citizen journalism and community building events
  • Start and moderate discussions online. Engage social media community in smart conversations
  • Populate, maintain and grow Rappler channels


  • Communication graduate with a background in and/or passion for journalism, community management, campaign development, and online and on-ground engagement
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills – from content production to engaging Rappler’s audience across various platforms
  • Strong analytical skills. Can work with data and analytics
  • Leadership skills and strong ethical standards are a must. S/he must have the ability to organize communities, deliver reports, and make recommendations for adjustments if necessary
  • Interested in best practices and strategy for digital platforms and has an understanding of the dynamics of civil society groups and/or government operations
  • Agile. Ability to adapt fast to ever-changing technology and workflows

Send your resume, cover letter, and writing samples (unpublished or first drafts of your published works) to jobs@rappler.com. Use ‘DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST’ as email subject.

3. Multimedia Producer

You are a visual conductor, overseeing the production of video products from conceptualization, scripting, shooting, and editing. From short, eye-catching reels to long-form explainers and documentaries, the ideal candidate must have a great grasp of politics and news, visual storytelling, and digital trends to produce compelling content. You should also be open to experimenting with different executions and be willing to learn other aspects of production.

Interested applicants may send their cover letter and résumé to jobs@rappler.com. Use ‘MULTIMEDIA PRODUCER’ as email subject.

4. Video Editor

You are a visual alchemist, turning raw material into an artform. Your role is critical in the lifecycle of a video product, where you will manage material such as camera footage, soundbites, music, graphics and special effects. You should be capable of editing videos across different subject matters and formats, from politics to lifestyle, from short reels to long-form explainers and documentaries.

Interested applicants may send their cover letter and résumé to jobs@rappler.com. Use ‘VIDEO EDITOR’ as email subject.

5. Training and Development Associate


  • Assist in handling and managing a journalism fellowship program, and crafting a training curriculum;
  • In coordination with the Training Director, formulate/ finetune/update training curricula used for internal and external audiences;
  • Help craft and develop new training modules;
  • Source/vet internal trainers and training modules used for training;
  • Organize and consolidate existing training modules; and
  • Coordinate with Rappler’s Community unit, help disseminate inputs from training modules to partner-networks that will benefit from them.


  • Psychology/Communication/Social Development/Public Administration graduate (or any relevant course) with a background in and/or passion for training, journalism, community management and campaign development
  • Organized, with strong analytical skills
  • Can work with data and analytics; knowledgeable about Excel
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills
  • With leadership skills and strong ethical standards 
  • Agile and adaptable to changing environments

Interested applicants may send their cover letter and résumé to jobs@rappler.com. Use ‘TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE’ as email subject.

6. Chief Technology Officer

In our mission to “Be the Good in the World”, we’re looking for a Chief Technology Officer to manage our tech stack and infrastructure. In this role, you’ll deploy technology resources to support editorial, operations, product, community and revenue teams; readers and subscribers; and other external supporters and partners. You’ll also vet all existing and proposed technologies to make sure they operate efficiently and securely, in alignment with our organizational goals.

As a technical leader at our company, you will provide hands-on guidance and practical solutions to our tech team while also championing our mission through strategic vision and direction. Additionally, you should feel comfortable developing direction and evangelizing best practices when it comes to equitable development practices.

Report to
President / Chief Executive Officer

You need to be able to nurture and directly supervise a team of developers, tech operations personnel, and QA engineers. You’ll also work with third-party development firms and software providers. And, like a head coach, you’ll be responsible for consulting with multiple teams within the organisation, focused on Data, Product, Revenue, Community and Business Intelligence. You will have a product owner, UX designers, and site performance analysts supporting you.

Main activities
The key aspects of this role will include creating a technology vision and strategy for the company, managing and having budget responsibility for the engineering group, making sure that the back-end, devops, data engineering and front-end teams are aligned, evaluating the architecture and identifying areas that need improvement, and establishing Agile engineering practices to improve productivity and quality. You should be good at translating business objectives into engineering strategy roadmaps and be able to implement these strategies into day-to-day operations.

Key skills

  • Requires people management and leadership abilities, together with executive experience in standards of planning, technical development and budgeting.
  • May have formal business training in addition to technical experience.

Internal contacts
Senior Management, all Digital team leads.

External contacts
Consultants, external development firms as needed, and software suppliers

Typical experience
12+ years of experience in software engineering, with 5+ years in large sites serving millions of pageviews and proven business and management skills.

Send your resume and cover letter to jobs@rappler.com. Use “CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER” as subject head.

7. Quality Assurance Engineer Lead

We’re looking for a Quality Assurance Engineer who can ensure high quality systems development by developing, implementing and executing Quality Assurance processes and procedures.

QA Engineer Lead responsibilities include:

  • Understanding business needs and defining test scenarios
  • Building test scripts using tools/frameworks
  • Working in a collaborative environment with Software engineers and other cross-functional leads
  • Contributing innovative ideas, creating solutions, and being accountable for end-to-end deployment
  • Regularly informing the manager or team lead on the progress of the project, highlighting risks, and effectively communicating with project partners of varying degrees of technical knowledge.

Report to
CTO, Product Owner

May mentor Quality Assurance team members.

Main activities

  • Coordinating and carrying out routine Quality Assurance reviews of changes to software builds, including applications and system software environments, networking, etc.
  • Coordinating the development and enforcement of technical standards, covering agile processes, conventions software usage, etc.
  • Establishing and maintaining an effective Quality Assurance function.
  • Participating with the development of testing methods and standards, and ensuring that appropriate testing takes place.

Key skills

  • Ability to use a development methodology.
  • Very strong documentation skills.
  • Good interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • Programming skills

Internal contacts
User Groups, Developers, Business Analysts.

External contacts
Quality Assurance Groups, Vendors.

Typical experience
At least 4-6 years of relevant quality assurance experience coupled with tertiary qualifications in Technology or a related discipline.

Send your resume and cover letter to jobs@rappler.com. Use “QUALITY ASSURANCE ENGINEER LEAD” as subject head.

8. Application Support Engineer

We’re looking for a technologically proficient team player to work with us in tech operations. The role requires excellent technical and troubleshooting skills using collaborative and proactive approaches to ensure that incidents are dealt with quickly and effectively. In addition, it requires a keen interest in learning innovative technologies and the ability to proficiently communicate in a fast-paced environment.

Operationally, within the team, you will complete technical projects and migrations as well as serve as a subject matter expert on applications that will serve both external and internal users.

Report to
QA Lead, or Technical Operations Leader

No supervisory responsibilities.

Main activities
As a member of the Tech Operations team, you will resolve any and all internal and end user problems in a timely and effective manner. This includes updating any and all stakeholders on your progress during the problem’s resolution. Additionally, you will be tasked with identifying more complex technical issues to escalate to other members of the Tech team, as well as using the pre-established escalation process to its full potential. Furthermore, you will be required to escalate process or feature improvements to relevant parties within the organisation in order to enhance current use of our software platforms. Lastly, you will be responsible for logging and accessing technical solutions within our knowledge base as well as thoroughly documenting the status of all liaisons and communications.

Key skills
Basic development skills, preferably related to WordPress or high traffic websites
Strong customer service orientation.
Excellent communication skills.
Problem analysis and problem solving skills.

Internal contacts
Software developers & QA Lead.

External contacts
Editorial team – mainly at an operational level
Customers – mainly at an operational level.

Typical experience
2 – 3 years of web application development or technical support/QA experience, or at least 1.5 – 3 years of Technical Support experience.

Send your resume and cover letter to jobs@rappler.com. Use “APPLICATION SUPPORT ENGINEER” as subject head.

9. Data Curator

We are looking for an experienced Data Curator to help us transform the way data is used in digital news. In this role, you will be the head of the Data team and will be responsible for setting the Data Lake strategy and building Data engineering teams and its practices. Your input will be crucial in shaping our data strategy and setting the standard for global news publishing.

Report to
CTO, Business Intelligence Head

Data Team

Main activities
In this opportunity as the Data Curator, you will work on:

  • Metadata Frameworks and data dictionaries
  • Taxonomies and Classification Schemes
  • Data acquisition, analysis, asset identification and storage
  • Establishing data backup / versioning / archival practices
  • Navigation, syndication and accessibility optimization
  • Design processes around the use and management of our data warehouse and the surrounding entitlements, pipelines and monitoring, in partnership with Data Analysts and Software Architects.
  • Innovate with new approaches to meeting data management requirements. Make recommendations about platform adoption, including technology integrations, application servers, libraries, and frameworks.
  • Effectively communicate and liaise with other data management teams embedded across the organisation and data consumers in editorial, data science and business analytic groups.
  • Provision for, and manage the work around key data partnerships with external partners

Key skills

  • Utilise your experience in the following areas:
  • Data Warehousing, Modelling and Management
  • Data Management and Data warehousing processing capabilities
  • Metadata Repositories, Information & Data Catalogues
  • Data governance as it applies to security and privacy
  • Master Data platform capabilities
  • Data Security, Privacy, and Compliance

Internal contacts
Systems & Software Development Staff, Contracts and IT staff.

External contacts
Partner organisations, vendors and data engineering consultants

Typical experience
You’re a fit for the role if your background includes:

  • A Bachelor’s degree (Master’s degree is a bonus)
  • Experience managing data/development teams, and teams of teams
  • Familiarity with data pipelines, data warehousing and data lakes
  • Familiarity data modelling and designing data systems and/or products using relational and/or graph databases
  • Experience creating operational models for complex applications
  • Excellent written and verbal skills

Send your resume and cover letter to jobs@rappler.com. Use “DATA CURATOR” as subject head.

10. Programmatic Advertising Manager / Ad Yield Executive

We are looking for a Programmatic Advertising Manager who understands that our mission lies beyond just advertising KPIs. You will be responsible for developing global programmatic strategy and identifying opportunities to enhance our ad stack to create revenue opportunities from our display, video, and native advertising. As head of the Revenue team, you will work closely with Business Intelligence to make optimization recommendations and report success. In addition, you will be working with SSPs (Supply-Side Platforms) and ad tech partners to obtain market intel and up-to-date solutions to enhance our ability to monetize inventory. You’ll stay abreast of the ad tech industry trends and spearhead their adoption in the Revenue team and throughout the company.

Reports to
Head of Business Intelligence

May one day supervise a team of ad operations specialists.

Main activities

  • Develop global programmatic strategy to drive revenue
  • Monitor and maximise open marketplace (OMP) monetisation and report performance on a regular basis
  • Lead partnerships between Rappler and programmatic demand partners. Conduct ongoing reviews to ensure they drive value
  • Manage inventory supply to SSPs and 3rd Party Vendors
  • Help manage the Rappler ad stack including, header bidding setup, price floors and priorities etc.
  • Make recommendations to optimise Rappler digital ad products, including display, video and native advertising.

Key skills

  • Make decisions quickly and solve problems efficiently.
  • Have a sharp eye for detail
  • Experience in technical troubleshooting, A/B testing, and conducting POCs.
  • Articulate complex concepts to audiences who may not be familiar with such topics.
  • Experience in operating programmatic, ad serving and analytic platforms (SSPs, Google Ad Manager, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Taboola, DoubleClick etc) is a huge advantage
  • Knowledge in programming or data analysis (e.g. Python, R, DataStudio, etc) is a plus

Typical experience

  • At least 3+ years of experience in programmatic platforms,
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related course in STEM or business / advertising-related fields
  • Deep understanding of ad operations and publishing
  • Comfortable with ad verification and tag management (GTM)
  • Working knowledge of paid media analytics, tracking and reporting platforms
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills

Send your resume and cover letter to jobs@rappler.com. Use “PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISING MANAGER / AD YIELD EXECUTIVE” as subject head.

11. Ad Operations Lead

We are looking for an Ad Operations lead who understands that our mission lies beyond just advertising KPIs. You will be responsible for developing global programmatic strategy and identifying opportunities to enhance our ad stack to create revenue opportunities from our display, video, and native advertising. You will report directly with the Programmatic Advertising Manager and work closely with Business Intelligence and Revenue teams. You’ll stay abreast of the ad tech industry trends and spearhead their adoption in the Revenue team and throughout the company.

  • Provide best in class service and solutions to Rappler’s internal and external customers e.g. sales, client development, planners, ad solutions, advertisers, agencies.
  • Receive and review online advertising materials from clients and ensure that they adhere to advertising specifications and guidelines.
  • Set up online advertising campaigns across Rappler network as well as on our programmatic platforms. This includes creative set up, testing and troubleshooting.
  • Perform QA on dynamic, rich media, HTML5, and video creatives.
  • Be a consultant to clients for conversion tracking implementation. Generate conversion tags and guide clients with implementation on their website.
  • Capture advertisements after they launch and provide screenshots of advertisements to clients.
  • Generate weekly reports and work with internal and external stakeholders to ensure campaigns launch on time and revenue is maximized.
  • Troubleshoot and analyze third-party discrepancies.
  • Display excellent project management abilities for all activities, ensuring all internal and external stakeholders are well informed throughout the entire process (by phone or email).
  • Be the go-to person internally and externally for any creative specs, guidelines and tracking related questions.
  • Assist the Programmatic Manager with projects as required.
  • Work closely with your Programmatic Manager and take an active role in identifying key business challenges and generating best practices or efficiency ideas to address challenges.

Send your resume and cover letter to jobs@rappler.com. Use “AD OPERATIONS LEAD” as subject head.

12. Conversion Specialist

We are looking for a Conversion Specialist with a strong technical foundation on web analytics and digital marketing to be a part of Rappler’s digital cluster. Our team supports a myriad of audience intelligence programs which may include marketing, social listening, audience nurturing, and business strategy. Our work is used to create insight and enable the development of hypotheses and theories on what behaviors, social connections, and content sensitivities drive demand.

The Conversion Specialist will take the lead in driving our readers through our business funnel, work closely with product owners, and optimize tools and platforms for lead generation and conversion. The ideal candidate will have strong analytical skills and a passion for educating people on the meaning of data.

Who you are

You have a passion for what you do and would like your work to make a difference. You are passionate about digital marketing funnels and have a firm grasp of key concepts and skills, such as A/B testing and web analytics. You are seeking a role that allows you to be the leading authority in creating a data-driven culture, and bringing out insights from websites and social media data. You love the power of metrics and tracking user behaviors, and relish the opportunity to test personal intuitions.

You’d also like to join a team where the culture is extremely entrepreneurial and innovative. If you thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced, and team-oriented environment, you’ll feel right at home at Rappler.

What you will do

  • Analyze and advance the framework of our measurement strategies to efficiently measure the business, improve outcomes, and enable close reader relationships
  • Create digital reporting that visualize measurement strategies elegantly and succinctly
  • Collect and analyze user behavior through server logs, online experiments (A/B testing), benchmark studies, and surveys
  • Work with designers, product managers, engineers, and marketing to prioritize research opportunities in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment
  • Effectively and intelligently influence the iteration of designs by pinpointing key data points from testing, reviews, etc.
  • Understand and incorporate complex technical and business requirements into research. Assist the business users, editorial and sales with interpreting results and understanding business implications
  • Advocate research findings to diverse audiences through written reports and oral presentations. Aggregate data and prepare clear, concise recommendations to shape audience nurturing activities
  • Reveal what our users need from our products by conducting primary research, exploring the behaviors and motivations of our users. Evaluate all the features contributing to user experience, providing expertise, collaborating internally and occasionally leading projects.
  • Leverage analytics tools and techniques to measure success, present opportunities, and support decision-making and prioritization
  • Know when and why you use specific research methods, approaching problems using the research goal as a driving factor towards research planning and method selection. Actively monitor and analyze research, data, and trends from internal sources, academic research, and industry published reports to inform and improve our research methods.
  • Establish processes and tools to monitor and analyze model performance and accuracy and ensure accurate data interpretation and analysis

Minimum Qualifications

What You Will Need

  • At least two years of experience in a marketing conversion role or web analytics
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, statistics, or related degree
  • Data savvy; proficiency in Python or R programming a plus
  • Knowledge of UX, data visualization, statistical methods, regression, or predictive modeling methods a plus
  • Intellectual curiosity with willingness and desire to learn a new environment and tools to advance your own knowledge and our analytics practice
  • Exhibit a high level of expertise working with multiple data sources/reports to generate actionable insights

Soft Skills Needed for Success

  • Strong communication in English and Tagalog, (verbal/written/presentation), and listening skills who can present complex information in a clear and compelling manner
  • Exhibit effective time management and organizational skills
  • Comfortable in a very fast-paced environment with a strong bias towards action to achieve results

Send your resume and cover letter to jobs@rappler.com. Use “CONVERSION SPECIALIST” as subject head.

– Rappler.com

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