UP offers rare course with world renowned conservation biologist

Prof. Curio will teach Envsci297, Special Topics with Module A focusing on behavioural ecology, from 12 to 23 May 2014

MANILA, Philippines – World-renowned conservation biologist Prof.  Eberhard Curio,   from Ruhr University Bochum will  teach a course with the Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology,  College of Science (IESM-CS)  in UP Diliman  where he is now a visiting professor.   

The course is open to both credit students and non-credit participants who wish to develop and strengthen competencies on conservation biology and behavioural ecology.

Prof. Curio will teach Envsci297,  Special Topics with Module A focusing on behavioural ecology,  from 12 to 23 May 2014,   with lectures and workshops  at the UP IESM – CS.  

The following topics are covered:  

Principles of population ecology

Principles of behavioral ecology



Optimal foraging theory 

Parental care

Mutualism (seed dispersal, pollination and others)

Predator – prey relationships

Sexual selection;   operational sex ratio

Female mating strategies

Speciation (multiplication of species)

Life history theory —  principles and selected topics. 

Prof. Curio is globally famous for his work on preserving endangered species,  such as the hornbill Visayan writhed-billed hornbill  (Aceros waldeni;   local names:  dulungan,  kalaw)  in the deep mountains of   Sibaliw,   Northern Panay where he spent more than 20 years doing research.      He is also instrumental in discovering new species of flora and fauna such as freshwater and arboreal crabs;  and a rainforest landhopper Curiotalitrus curioi.

The last significant stands of primary, low elevation rainforest in the bio-geographic region of the West Visayas, located on the northwestern peninsula of Panay, is habitat of a range of highly endangered, partly endemic species of frogs, reptiles, birds and mammals.

It is one of the hotspots with the highest conservation priorities in the world, both in terms of the number of endangered flora and fauna per unit area, and the degree of threat these species confront. Philippine biodiversity per unit area is globally unsurpassed.

For more information about the scientific  work of Prof Curio,  please visit the Panay Eco-Conservation website at  www.panaycon.org.   

A separate 3-unit credit course for  Module B:  Conservation Biology   will be on 26 August to 06 September  2014;   with  field work for deserving research students  (maximum:  6  to 7 students)  on 25 September to 03 October 2014 to be supervised by  Prof. Eberhard Curio at the Sibaliw Research Station in the inner forests of Northern Panay,  Antique.       

Public  Lectures:    

August 26, 2014 (Tuesday),  10 to 12 am:    Inaugural  Lecture on Conservation Needs Ethology

August 29, 2014 (Friday),   10 to 12 am:      Public Lecture on Cooperation among Conservationists

For interested  participants (students for credit;  or non-credit):     please call,  send a text message   to   IESM Phone:   +632 9818500 local 3941   Mobile:  0947 587 7320 or email:    up_iesm@yahoo.comiesm@up.edu.ph   Attention:     Ms. Fatima S. Crisostomo,  Administrative Officer,  UP IESM.

Queries could be addressed to  IESM  Director Rene N. Rollon   (mobile phone:  0919 277 0428    or the course coordinator ,   Dr.  Benjamin Vallejo Jr.  (mobile phone:   0917 822 1691). – Rappler.com/Press Release

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