Why trade stocks online?

Krista Garcia

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Online investing is not a cheat sheet to getting rich. Even if it’s more convenient, it still requires strategy, guts, and a little know-how. And I’m just happy to find out that I can get all the help I need online.

TRADING IN YOUR PAJAMAS. No need to head over to the trading floor or set up coffee meetings with your stockbroker. Trading online via the likes of COL Financial will make you your very own stockbroker. Graphic by Rappler/Matt Hebrona


These days, earning from a 9-5 job is not enough. Most of my friends take on a side project or put up a small business to earn a little more. Many experts recommend investing in stocks too, but so far, not a lot of people have been too keen to try it – myself included.

Investing is not a completely alien concept to me, an average 20-something girl. I have bought a life insurance policy and know that my parents have reaped small returns from their bank investments. 

Investing in stocks would mean bigger gains, but I was initially terrified to death of doing it myself. My almost Math-free Humanities course in college did not prepare me to deal with strings of numbers for extended periods of time. Learning how to invest in stocks seemed just way too intimidating and time-consuming for me. 

Then I learned I could do it all on the web with an online investment company like COL Financial.

Learning while doing

I had this preconceived notion that only people with lots of money to spare have the luxury of “playing” in the stock market. Online stockbrokerage services level the playing field.

As I learned online, I didn’t have to buy P100,000-worth of shares at the onset. Just P5,000 was enough to start trading stocks of reputable, stable companies. 

The affordable entry level made me confident that I can do it right now. I can start really small, and as I grow more adept, I can build my basket of stocks. P5,000 is the same amount I would pay for a couple of new shoes, so why not invest it something more long-term?

I studied, observed, and purposefully read updates on the companies I was eyeing to get shares of.

Based on what I’ve read so far, there would be times when my money wouldn’t earn as well as I want it to. But patience — lots of it — and being on top of what’s new about the companies that I put money in translate to wise stock picks that will earn their keep over time. 

The bonus? I don’t have to leave my job or sacrifice my precious weekends to do it. Thankfully, most of the information I need is always just a click away.


Doing it online


By signing up for an online account like COL Financial’s Easy Investment Program, I can work my way up to becoming a savvy investor. Everything I learned and liked about it was available and easily accessible online. 

The fact that it’s all online makes it so convenient. On the web, I can have constant access to my starting portfolio and COL’s recommended stock lists. If I’m confused, or need help understanding current market movements, I can check with COL’s experts through their many reports to fill me in on what I need to know. From recommendations on what to buy, to updates on companies, these helpful online gurus provide a wealth of information to help me make smart and well-informed investments.

The program also has a built in reminder service that emails me an alert when it’s time to buy. It’s like Investing 101, less some of the pain. 

I can do it anytime during trading hours, I don’t have to give up my commitments, and someone is always on board to help me out when I feel stuck. I can literally invest in my pajamas and watch my money grow right on my laptop screen.

Online investing is not a cheat sheet to getting rich. Even if it’s more convenient, it still requires strategy, guts, and a little know-how. And I’m just happy to find out that I can get all the help I need online. You can start doing it once, like me – but if you want to more assurance, it’s also a great idea to attend a financial seminar first to get an overview on the stock market. These talks are a terrific supplement to the whole online experience of investing.

I already love the convenience that the Internet has brought to my daily tasks like banking, shopping, or getting in touch with people. Now I’m excited to add “online investing” to my list of to-dos. 

I also like the part where having shares essentially means “owning” a part of that company. It validates my quest to dream bigger. — Rappler.com


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