Binondo raid busts P1-B knock-off luxury bags
The Bureau of Customs warns consumers against luxury bags being passed off as genuine items in Binondo

The Bureau of Customs warns consumers of other counterfeit items passed as genuine products being sold in several stores in Manila. Photo courtesy of BOC

MANILA, Philippines – The Bureau of Customs seized on Friday, October 11, knock-off designer bags with an estimated worth of P1 billion ($22.464 million*) from a stockroom in Binondo.

Commonly-faked brands Louis Vuitteon, Gucci, Hermes, Burberry, Michael Kors, and Tory Burch, were among the items busted on Friday inside 8 stockrooms in HSCT building at Alvarado Street in Binondo, Manila. Warrants of seizures and detention, according to Customs Commissioner John Sevilla, made this possible.

Despite the ban on the entry of counterfeit goods, many illegal shipments still make it into the country via erring importers and Customs brokers

“This significant amount of designer knock-offs will put a dent in the stocks and traders and sellers of these items. The sale of counterfeit products is destructive to legitimate business and puts at risk thousands of jobs,” Sevilla said in a statement on Saturday, October 11.

On October 3, the BOC also seized more than P500 million ($11.232 million)* smuggled and counterfeit items in several locations in Manila, with one in Tondo, and two in Binondo. Seized contraband and fake items included assorted counterfeit apparel, smuggled batteries, fake perfumes, and 1,440 boxes of seasoning granules. 

The Philippines bans entry of counterfeit goods, but many illegal shipments still make it into the country through erring importers and customs brokers.

In June, the BOC siezed two P556-million ($12.490 million)* shipments of counterfeit bags and clothing bearing faked marks from a local brand, much to the alarm of the Philippine brands.

In September, NSGV Trading and its customs broker were charged over alleged importation of counterfeit products. – Mick Basa/


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