Ruffa Gutierrez on relationship with Jordan Mouyal and mom Annabelle Rama

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Ruffa Gutierrez on relationship with Jordan Mouyal and mom Annabelle Rama

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'Dalawa na ang anak ko, nahiwalay na ‘ko, parang let me be, 'di ba?' Ruffa says of her mom

MANILA, Philippines – Actress Ruffa Gutierrez said that she is happy that her boyfriend, businessman Jordan Mouyal is secure with who she is when it comes to their relationship. 

In an interview with reporters during the press launch of the 3rd season of It Takes Gutz to be A Gutierrez, Friday, July 24, Ruffa opened up about her current relationship. It is no secret that Ruffa’s mom Annabelle Rama does not like Jordan.  (READ: Ruffa Gutierrez on new boyfriend, Annabelle drama)

I’m so happy that he’s very secure. Kung ibang tao na ‘yon baka umiwas na sila (If he were another person, he would have probably distance himself), but for him he’s very secure,” she said. 

Ruffa said that Jordan, who resides in Paris, comes from a good family and great educational background. 

“Yeah, I think it’s a two-way thing. Also with Jordan, he has proven to me and to my friends that he’s here for the long run. Hindi naman siya pangit, may trabaho naman ang tao, maganda naman ang kinikita niya. (He’s not ugly, he has work, he’s earning well.)  He has a double degree in engineering.

Hindi naman siya yung parang walang pinag-aralan na hampaslupa. Hindi naman siya tambay sa kanto,” Ruffa said.

 (He’s not like some good for nothing person. He’s not someone who just loiters around the streets)

Ruffa admitted that Jordan felt bad about what he has heard from Annabelle but has always respected her.

“He feels bad but he knows it’s my mom and siguro ginoogle na niya (he probably googled it) since he’s an IT, na alam na niya na it’s not a new thing. 

Sana kung siya lang talaga inayawan ni Mommy. Hello! Pati nga si John Lloyd [Cruz] inayawan, ‘di ba? Box-office king na ‘yon, no!” ( I guess it would be different if he was the only one mommy did not approve of. Hello! Even John Lloyd [Cruz] she did not approve of. I mean, he’s a box-office king already!)

John Lloyd Cruz and Ruffa were a couple a few years back.

Ruffa added that she is not yet thinking of marriage and that she still has so many things to do especially in her career.  

“Jordan serves as an inspiration… no it’s just a nice companionship. I’m happy, I do my own thing, he does his own thing. It’s not  like mag-aasawa na kami  (we’re getting married) next year. I still have my career. Our goal is to secure our future, we have a long way to go.” 

On mom Annabelle 

During her brother Elvis’ wedding to long-time girlfriend Alexa Uichico, it was reported that Ruffa and Annabelle already reconciled. Ruffa however said that their relationship is not yet perfect. ( READ: Annabelle Rama not talking to daughter Ruffa Gutierrez)

Siyempre bilang Filipinang anak, nag-iisang babae, tayo talaga dapat umunawa sa mga magulang natin. (Of course as a Filipina child, the only daughter, we should be the one to understand our parents.) Hindi naman sila perfect you know. I cannot say our relationship has been a bed of roses. It’s been through a lot of ups an down but there’s no way I can stay mad at my mom forever. 

“Dalawa na ang anak ko, nahiwalay na ‘ko, parang let me be, ‘di ba?” (I already have to kids, got separated, it’s like, let me be okay?)

On the trailer of the show, there was one particular scene where Annabelle and Ruffa were seen arguing with each other in Bali. Ruffa said viewers will have the chance to see where their mother-daughter fight really started.

Ang maganda kasi sa show namin it’s a reality show. So walang script. Kumbaga whatever comes…” Ruffa said.

 (What’s nice about our show is that it’s a reality show. So there’s no script. It’s like whatever comes..)

According to Ruffa, even the director and cameramen following them were surprised with what’s happening in the family. 

“I mean nung nag-away kami nung mommy ko in Bali it was not scripted. I didn’t even know na ganun ang reaction niya, pati ako nagulat. So galit na pala siya sa ‘kin no’n, wala akong kaalam-alam. (When my mom and I fought in Bali, it was not scripted. I did not even know that was her reaction, even I got surprised. So she was really angry with me already and i was not even aware of it.)

“Even our director and our cameraman said, ‘Wow, this just got real.’ Pati sila naloka. That was the beginning of my fight with my mom,” she said.

Ruffa said that their arguments have always been about her love life. However, she believes her mom just wants to best for her. Ruffa said she also wants to prove she can do things on her own.

“I want to prove to my mom and to everyone that I’m a strong girl and I don’t need anyone else’s money for me to survive,” Ruffa said.

“I think love ako [ng mommy ko], she s just worried. Let’s see kung ano’ng [susunod na] mangyayari.”  (I think she loves me (Annabelle). she’s just worried. Let’s see what happens next.) –






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