Baron Geisler on Enrique Gil, bad boy image, car accident update

Vernise Tantuco
Baron Geisler on Enrique Gil, bad boy image, car accident update
Baron, who was recently involved in a car accident, says that it's hard to escape the stigma of his past, and says he feels for Enrique in his current situation

MANILA, Philippines – Baron Geisler said that he sympathizes with young actor Enrique Gil, at the Nathaniel finale press conference on September 17.

“I feel for that guy. I think na-misunderstand lang siya ng mga tao. I think may nangyaring kakaiba pa doon,” he said. (I think people just misunderstood him. I think something else happened [that we don’t know about.])

Enrique allegedly harassed actress Jessy Mendiola on a flight from Manila to London because he was inebriated, and Luis Manzano had to step in.

Enrique has since apologized to Jessy about the incident, but Jessy’s mom, Didith Garvida recently told IC Mendoza on Showbiz Konek na Konek that Jessy is still hurt by the criticism of Enrique’s fans.

Baron has had his fair share of difficult incidents in the past.

In July, a video of Baron shouting and cursing at a club’s bouncer went viral. The bouncer denied him entry because he appeared inebriated. In 2013, Baron was found guilty of an act of lasciviousness, and was sentenced to 6 months to two years in prison. He entered a rehabilitation facility in 2011 for alcohol dependency.

“I’m rooting for him and sana (I hope) people will not be quick to judge rin kasi di nila alam kung ano ba talaga nangyari (because they don’t know what really happened). But I – you know, I hope that he moves on – well I know he’s a smart kid so he’s gonna move on pretty quickly,” Baron added about Enrique.

Car accident

Baron was in a car accident on September 15, where a 16-wheeler truck hit his car in Pasig.

According to Baron, the truck was going too fast and was in the middle of the road, instead of to the side. “So nagu-turn ako, but there was this big 16-wheeler truck na sobrang bilis niya, and he was right in the middle of the road… dapat alam niyang may u-turn slot, and for a truck, dapat may certain speed limit lang siya, and he should be on the right lane, diba, hindi sa gitna. So nagspeed siya tapos yun nga eksakto pagpasok ko [galing ng u-turn] nagulat nalang ako.

(So I was taking a u-turn, but there was this big 16-wheeler truck that was going so fast, and he was right in the middle of the road… he should have known there was a u-turn slot, and for a truck, he should only be going at a certain speed limit, and he should be on the right lane, not in the middle. So he sped and right when I entered [from making a u-turn] I just got surprised.)

Baron added that neither he nor his friend Eurie was gravely hurt during the accident, and that the police proved that he was sober that night. “Na-prove ng mga police na I was sober during the accident, and na-prove rin – inamin din naman ng truck driver na – sa police report niya – na siya yung may kasalanan. So the company naman, yung company ng truck naman, they’re willing to pay for all the damages, so that I’m happy about.”

(The police proved that I was sober during the accident, and it was proven that – the truck driver admitted that – in his police report – that he was the one at fault. So the company, the truck’s company, they’re willing to pay for all the damages, so that I’m happy about.)

He also said that there were other issues that they still have to iron out, so he refused to comment further.

The past

Baron could sympathize with Enrique because he, himself, can’t escape the stigma of his past.

“I cannot blame all these people [for judging me] because I have been pasaway (rebellious) or I’ve been in a lot of trouble, so you can’t blame yung (the) people, especially with – my reputation precedes me eh, so may stigma na yan eh (there’s already a stigma), they will always speculate that Baron is drunk again or he’s drinking, he’s intoxicated, inebriated, you know,” said Baron.

He added that he’s glad that the police believed the evidence – his sobriety and his innocence in the car accident – and didn’t judge him based on his reputation. “I’m happy na binigyan ako ng justice ng Pasig police na talagang ginawa nila yung trabaho nila at – na-vindicate naman ako.”

(I’m happy that the Pasig police gave me justice, that they really did their job and – I was vindicated.)

“The bashers are there, they will always be there, there will always be haters, but you know I love them pa rin (still) because at least they’re keeping me on my toes,” said Baron.

During the press conference, Baron said that he is a changed man. “Kung dati po beast mode, peace mode na ako ngayon,” he said. (If I was on beast mode before, now I’m on peace mode.)

Baron, and the rest of the cast of Nathaniel, were at the press conference because the show’s last few episodes are airing next week. In the show, Baron plays a villain known as the “taga-sundo” or Gustavo Palomar. –

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