‘PBB 737’ regular cast Big 4 revealed

‘PBB 737’ regular cast Big 4 revealed
The Big 4 join the Top 4 of the Teens segment to continue on in the competition

MANILA, Philippines – Miho Nishida, Tommy Esguerra, Dawn Chang, and Roger Lutero are the regular housemates in the Big 4 on Pinoy Big Brother 737.

This week, viewers got to vote for who they wanted to see in the Big 4. The only housemates they could vote for were Miho, Tommy, Zeus Collins, and Roger, as Dawn already had a spot in the Big 4 after winning the “Big Jump to the Big 4” challenges.

Zeus got the lowest number of votes at 3.88%.

For the challenge, the 5 remaining regular housemates and the Teen Big 4 were asked to choose who they thought didn’t deserve be in the regular Big 4. The person with the lowest number of votes wouldn’t be able to participate in the “Big Jump to the Big 4” set of challenges.

Tommy got the lowest number of votes.

For first challenge in the Big Jump to the Big 4, those who got the highest number of votes teamed up with one teen housemate each. Each team was put in a boat with holes and was tasked to bail the water out – they weren’t allowed to cover up the holes in the boat. The housemate whose boat sinks first won’t make it to the next round.

Although Miho’s boat was the first to sink, Zeus was caught covering one of the holes in the boat, making him the first to be eliminated from the Big Jump to the Big 4 challenge. 

It was Roger who lost the next round. Using a magnet, the housemates had to guide a key on the other side of a door from the bottom to the top. To make things more difficult, there was a maze on the side of the door with the key. The housemates’ loved ones were on the show for this challenge, telling them which way to move the magnet to get it through the maze.

For the final round, Miho and Dawn had to stand, holding a flagpole each. The person who could stand the longest would win. Dawn won the final challenge.

The regular Big 4 now join the Top 4 teens, Ylona Jade Garcia, Franco Rodriguez, Hendrix “Jimboy” Martin, and Bailey Thomas May, for the rest of the competition.

Viewers can now vote for two big winners – one for the teens segment, and another for the regular segment.

Congratulations to the Big 4! – Rappler.com


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