Sam Milby shares advice for ‘PBB 737’ finalists

Alexa Villano
Sam Milby shares advice for ‘PBB 737’ finalists
'I was working as a server in a restaurant 11 years ago. I always wanted to act, so it’s a blessing to have work. Just enjoy it. really prepare all and learn what you can,' says Sam

MANILA, Philippines – As the finals night approaches for the Pinoy Big Brother 737 regular and teen housemates, Sam Milby shared some words of wisdom for this year’s contestants.

Sam was part of the first batch of Pinoy Big Brother housemates, where Nene Tamayo emerged as winner in 2005.

Appreciate everything. Enjoy the ride. I would have never thought that 10 years ago I would still be working here… I never thought that 11 years ago I would be here at all. I was working as a server in a restaurant 11 years ago.

“I always wanted to do acting naman so it’s a blessing to have work. Just enjoy it. really prepare all and learn what you can,” Sam told reporters at the press conference for Doble Kara, where he was introduced as the new character in the afternoon show.

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Sam said that his time at the house was not easy for him since he was not speaking Filipino back then. He said there were times he wanted to leave the house but never gave up.

“It’s funny kasi when you’re inside the house parang mahirap (it’s difficult)… Ako nahirapan ako kasi hindi ko nainitindihan yung mga sinasabi nila back because hindi ako nag ta-Tagalog at that time. And ang daming beses na gustong kong lumabas diba?  (I had a hard time understanding them [the housemates] because I was not speaking Filipino then. And there were many times I wanted to step out fo the house right?)

“But when you get out, you realize how many people would love to be in your shoes, waited how many hours in line para lang mag-audition para pumasok sa bahay ni Kuya (just to audition to be inside Big Brother’s house).  

“You have to realize how much of a blessing it is and look at it at the positive way. Not yung nakakulong ako dito gustong kong lumabas. (You shouldn’t go, ‘You’re stuck inside and want to go out of the house.’) It’s a huge blessing, it’s a privilege. It’s such a great experience that you have and appreciate that and realize that napaka-suwerte mo (that you’re lucky)…just appreciate that because it does get hard,” Sam said.

The announcement of the big winners of PBB 737 is scheduled on November 7 and 8 at the Albay Astrodome, Legazpi City. 

Doble Kara

Sam is definitely one busy star as we near the end of 2015. Aside from his concert The Milby Way on November 28, he’s now part of Doble Kara, which stars Julia Montes. In the show, he plays Sebastian, a seminarian  who meets Kara, and they form a special friendship along the way.


Sam said he’s very happy to be working with Julia on the show.

“I feel really blessed. First of all she’s very young, maybe an 11-year gap but she’s someone that even if she’s young, even before she portrays mature roles at a young age that’s what makes her an amazing actress. She ’s able to get those emotions at a young age.

“It’s nice I’ll be able to work with her and she’s definitely one of the most important actresses of this time,” he said. 

“I am flattered and excited because this will be my first time to work with Julia. My role is not something that I’m used to so it will be challenging for me.”

Aside from the concert and Doble Kara, Sam recently did the movie The Prenup with Jennylyn Mercado. He will also be part of the upcoming drama  Written in Our Stars–




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