5 awesome moments at Click Play 2015: The Social Media Festival

Paolo Abad

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5 awesome moments at Click Play 2015: The Social Media Festival
Ryan Higa, David Choi, Ki Hong Lee, Cimorelli, and Sam and Colby sang, danced, and played with their Manila fans – even brought along some friends – so everyone had tons of fun

All photos by Paolo Abad/Rappler

MANILA, Philippines – No longer just pixels on screens, some of the Internet’s biggest stars finally came to Manila in the flesh to entertain and banter with fans at the first-ever Click Play: The Social Media Festival last November 22, Sunday.

Fans or so-called “Clickers,” avid subscribers of these stars’ channels and aspiring content creators themselves, came in droves to the SMX Convention Center to meet their idols 

YouTube sensations David Choi, Ryan Higa, and Cimorelli, actor Ki Hong Lee, and Vine superstars Sam and Colby were there to have massive fun with the Clickers. (READ: Interview: Ryan Higa, David Choi, Ki Hong Lee, Cimorelli on building careers on YouTube)

Some of the most successful local content creators also spoke in between the headliners’ sets. Speakers from travel enthusiasts WTN: Where to Next, food blog Pepper.ph, and clothing brand Neon Island were also there to impart indispensable wisdom on how to build a meaningful online presence – especially on social media platforms like Instagram.

The festival headliners showed off their talents, and also answered a few questions from fans on Twitter. They gave amusing replies, and inspiring advice for the Clickers as well.

Let’s relive some moments from the ultra-fun first edition of Click Play:

‘Onward and upward’ with Sam and Colby

Vine stars Sam Goldbach and Colby Brock were once troublemakers and recently involved in a horrifying killing prank with YouTuber Sam Pepper. In viral 6-second clips, these Kansas boys jousted on Target shopping carts, and annoyed the hell out of a hapless shopper at a supermarket with a saxophone.

Killing prank aside (Sam Goldblach was the victime while Colby and Sam Pepper were in on the prank), the duo now wants to use their reach to inspire positivity and make a change – as their mantra goes, “Onward and upward.”

Sam and Colby almost missed their flight, but they came to Manila with their silly antics and good vibes.

The high-spirited pair had a grand entrance, somersaulting onto the stage, and twerking and shimmying like crazy.


They played charades, each taking turns to guess actions, animals, and even accents. Inevitably, Colby had to do a Filipino accent, but instead of uttering something that might offend the fans, he said, “We’re awesome people, and we love to eat a lot of rice.”


As a rite of passage, they also tried Filipino food: kwek-kweksampalok (tamarind), and of course, the infamous balut. It was amusing to see how they reacted, especially when they ate the last one.

Colby actually found it quite tasty. “That’s not that bad,” he said, as Sam turned his back to the crowd, obviously thinking otherwise.


Sam and Colby left the crowd not only with happy memories, but also uplifting words. “Live in the moment. Right now, you just look around and imagine where you are right now and everything – it’s really cool. Always be in the moment, be happy, be positive – while you still can,” said Colby.

Cimorelli: ‘Don’t let anyone change who you are’

The Cimorelli sisters – Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani – captivated the crowd with their on-point harmonies. The six-piece band performed a short but sweet set of self-penned songs, and even belted out a cover of Ariana Grande’s chart-topper, “Problem.”


The fun didn’t stop with their electric performances, though. Three young girls from the audience got the chance to be made-up by the sisters, who were split into pairs. These fans were thrilled at first, until the twist was announced: one sister had to be blindfolded while the other just guided.

The challenge wasn’t just a test of cosmetic know-how; it required strategy. Lisa and Dani smudged mascara on the wrong places, while Christina and Amy avoided using it. It was bonkers, and a lot of people in the crowd were giggling.

However, Cimorelli wasn’t there just to rock the house. They were clearly on a mission to inspire.

As they sang “You’re Worth It,” the sisters reached their hands out to the audience. They were emotional; even Katherine was a bit teary-eyed. 



“Don’t let anyone change who you are,” Christina encouraged the crowd, before the girls launched into their anthem, “Renegade.”

Ki Hong Lee, Box of Lies pro

Ki Hong Lee has played different characters in film (Minho in The Maze Runner), in television (Dong in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), and even on YouTube (Wong Fu Productions’ short films). To show that he’s such a pro, Ki Hong played Box of Lies with one of his fans.


As the game from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon goes, one player gets a box that contains something random and quirky. Here, they got stuff like a clock with crying Drake faces and a fishbowl of marshmallows topped by a cutout of Rose and Jack from Titanic.



One player can describe the object, or fabricate the details. The other determines if the opponent is telling a lie or the truth.

More than just putting on a poker face though, bluffing in Box of Lies takes a wild imagination to pull off well, and the florid and wacky details both of them thought of were amusing.

As an actor, Ki Hong seems to be a natural at the game, but his fan was all gung-ho about it. After all, he promised her a selfie, plus an autographed cap emblazoned with his monogram (he had merch made especially for Manila), if she had won.

The young lady didn’t win. But Ki Hong was still gracious, so she still got her prize.

The Korean-American actor also sat down with the host, Sam Oh, to talk about his career. As one of the stars of the blockbuster flick The Maze Runner, he spoke about Asian-Americans making it in Hollywood: “I feel like everything has just gotten a lot better, and I feel like there’s definitely been other Asian-Americans, Korean-American actors that have come before me, [and] that have already paved the way.”



“So I’m just trying to continue on the path – just try to portray Asian-Americans in a positive way, to hopefully inspire other young Asian-Americans to pursue the arts.” 

David Choi serenaded a fan onstage

Having just released his album Stories of You’s and Me last FebruaryDavid Choi just couldn’t get enough of the Philippines. It has been four years since he last performed in the country, so he declared to the crowd, “Mahal kita (I love you).”

Everyone was listening intently to David’s dreamy voice and was spellbound by his bluesy music. As he strummed on his guitar, the crowd was transfixed. People sang along or just soaked in the words and melodies.

He performed sans the usual spectacle. It was just him, his guitar, and his band playing an intimate set of songs like “All I Need,” “Missing Piece,” “That Girl,” “Can’t Take This Away,” and “This One’s for Me.”




David encouraged the crowd to sing along, and even dropped them a compliment: “I know Filipinos can sing. You guys are all really good, so that’s a good stereotype.”

The fans were already swooning, but when he handpicked a girl from the audience to serenade onstage, there was a collective jealous “Aww!” He sang the aptly titled “By My Side” as the star-struck fan swayed and sang along.



Always happy to dish out some advice, David also motivated the hopeful musicians in the crowd: “I think it’s important to never really give up, just keep being persistent, and try to learn as much as you can.” 

Ryan Higa brought out his #squad




Cheeky as always, Ryan Higa came on stage and uttered a “Hello,” to the tune of Adele’s eponymous comeback single, following it up with his trademark sign-off, “Teehee.”

As their “Hello from the other side,” Ryan’s fans, a.k.a. Lamps, greeted him back with a deafening wall of sound. When the star YouTuber was asked on Twitter what one word could describe the Pinoy Lamps, he bluntly replied, “The first word that comes to mind is ‘loud.’” 

Everyone roared even louder when Ryan Higa brought out his squad: Sean Fujiyoshi, from his early lip-synching days on YouTube, and Dereleek – both from the RHPC, the Ryan Higa Production Company. The crowd was stoked.

Right there, Sean and Dereleek helped shoot a vlog for Ryan’s second channel, HigaTV. Ryan asked the crowd to tone down their excitement for a bit, and then to scream on cue: “We need silence for this to work. You ready?” Dereleek rolled the camera, Ryan spieled, and the crowd went wild: “So, I’m in Manila right now… and this crowd is crazy!”


He wondered why it was always him who ended up wrapping up events like Click Play, especially with the likes of Cimorelli and David Choi on the bill. “I’m not a singer,” he sheepishly confessed.

“But I made this video called ‘How to Sing Like Your Favorite Artist,’ and I do have this one music video that people kinda like. It’s called ‘Nice Guys.’”


Clad in their yellow Best Crew outfits, Ryan and his squad – including David Choi – broke out onto the stage, and popped and locked to their (reluctant) anthem against chivalry: “Nice guys finish last / That’s why I’ll treat you like trash / It’s not what I really want to do.” Up there in the ranks of The Lonely Island, they proved themselves as a comedic powerhouse with this rousing performance.


Were you there at Click Play? Who were you most excited to meet and what did you feel when you finally did? Share with us your favorite moments in the comments below. – Rappler.com

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