WATCH: Adele pranks Jamba Juice baristas
WATCH: Adele pranks Jamba Juice baristas
Hapless Jamba Juice baristas had to deal with Ellen DeGeneres’ gimmicks, whispered to her willing accomplice, Adele

MANILA, Philippines – Ellen DeGeneres is quite the prankster, and has subjected hapless people to her hilarious gimmicks. 

In a recurring skit on The Ellen DeGeneres Show called #HiddenCameraPranks, she whispers crazy, outrageous commands to a willing accomplice over an ear piece as hidden cameras roll. During the February 18, Thursday episode, her partner in crime happened to be Adele, who was really game to play a huge practical joke on Jamba Juice baristas.

“Hello from the outside!” shouted Adele before she entered the shop in the Warner Bros. lot.

“Sorry, I’ve never been here. In England, we don’t have this,” Adele said, asking the baristas to explain what the shop is about.

“We have something similar in Britain. Swishy Chug – it’s called in England,” she joked.

A natural comedian, Adele turned her attention to the wheatgrass on the bar counter. “Wait, am I seeing wheatgrass? Can I chop some off?”

Without warning, she gamely chewed on it. “I feel like a deer in a forest,” she said, and Ellen was visibly red from laughing too hard.

Ellen has hired celebrities like Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Bruno Mars, Sofia Vergara, David Beckham, and Jennifer Aniston to do her bidding in the past.

Adele is no stranger to doing practical jokes. She disguised herself as an impersonator of herself, and photobombed fans who were taking pictures with her “Skyfall” Oscar statuette.

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