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Cate de Leon

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The smoldering Penshoppe endorser is in Manila for a special Fan Conference. Here are 10 of the many reasons Pinoy fans have been clamoring for tickets.

ZAC EFRON UPON HIS arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Photo by Jedwin Llobrera for Rappler.com

MANILA, Philippines – On Sept. 26 at mid-morning, Hollywood star Zac Efron arrived in Manila aboard flight CX 907 from Los Angeles. With him were his father, David, and manager, Jason Barrett.

The 24-year-old immediately boarded a private plane headed to Legazpi City. He will be spending some downtime at Misibis Bay Resorts before his Penshoppe Fan Conference on Sept. 29, Saturday, at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

This is the first time Zac is visiting Manila. 

“This trip is an amazing, amazing excuse to go to the Philippines. I have always wanted to visit the Philippines.

“My dad who has been to your country several times has been telling me great stories about it,” he says.

Zac first put himself on the map with Disney’s High School Musical, playing the popular basketball jock, Troy Bolton. He had barely made a dent into the ladies’ hearts back then, save for perhaps a few thousand tween girls — a common phenomenon to which we’re all used to rolling our eyes.

But then he got the lead in Hairspray as the school and TV heartthrob, Link. He was that slick, conceited guy who knew he could get you with a wink; the kind of guy any self-respecting woman knew she shouldn’t fall for, but did anyway.

As a jaded adult trapped in his 17-year-old body, he tried to woo his wife back out of their impending divorce in 17 Again. And in The Lucky One he had ladies dreaming they had such a passionate stalker who would follow them home based on a picture left lying around in a foreign country.

This week, as one of Penshoppe’s hottest international endorsers, Zac will be meeting his legions of screaming Pinoy admirers.

ZAC's ALL GROWN UP! Photo by Jedwin Llobrera for Rappler.com

Here are 10 of the many reasons we’re sure the venue will be insanely packed:

1) Obviously, his good looks

But with Zac Efron, it’s more than that. There is something to be said about the intense way he smolders without being overbearing. He’s hot but always refreshing to look at.

And those clear eyes of his are like pools that wash over you.

2) His body

When his first topless photos surfaced, it had us confused. It didn’t seem right for someone with such noble, boyish good looks to be that sexy.

Here was an angel who tempted our weak flesh; a character who inspired us to be better people, only medyo bastos.

3) Most actors who start out as teenybopper stars have to somehow strike a legitimate chord once they come of age in order to ease into more grown-up roles.

Zac Efron has no such awkward stage. He manages to make the most fluid of transitions.

No one even thinks of doubting him.

4) He is a versatile actor

Be it a Disney musical, a classic like Hairspray, a steamy romantic film or a more mature, intense role such as the one he slips into in the upcoming The Paperboy with Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron never fails to deliver.

5) He is a seasoned crooner

Having taken up singing lessons at an early age and being trained in musical theater, this guy can easily serenade the woman of his dreams at the drop of a hat.

6) His dancing skills

Those moves he busted out in Hairspray had us all weak in the knees.

7) His ex-girlfriend was half Filipina

This guy knows exotic beauty when he sees it

8) In an age when most straight men still feel the need to be just a little homophobic in order to cling fast to their masculinity, Zac is completely secure about his.

He doesn’t mind surrendering to the vision of gay directors and openly appreciates his lusting gay fans for their support.

His reaction to rumors that he’s gay? A 2008 Details profile quoted him saying, “Honestly, if the worst [they] can say about me is that I’m gay, then I think I’ll be fine. I can handle it.”

9) He’s in his craft for the challenge

He doesn’t even have to say so in order for us to notice. One just has to look at the succession of roles he has decided to take on so far and how well he pulled them off.

He’s crazy famous, but clearly that’s not what his life is all about.

10) He can cook adobo and lists halo-halo as one of his favorite desserts

Given the off chance that one of us gets to migrate with him to the States, Zac will be able to take care of our occasional bouts of homesickness.

Who among you are joining the Penshoppe Fan Con to see Zac in the flesh? Let us know by posting below. – Rappler.com

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