Kris Aquino says she was aware of alleged Abu Sayyaf kidnap plot
Kris Aquino says she was aware of alleged Abu Sayyaf kidnap plot
Kris says this is one of the reasons she did not renew her contract with ABS-CBN

MANILA, Philippines – TV host Kris Aquino said that even before her brother President Benigno Aquino III announced that she was allegedly a target of the Abu Sayyaf, she was already made aware of the report.

On Wednesday, April 27, Kris’ brother, President Benigno Aquino III disclosed that the Abu Sayaff had plans to kidnap her and boxing icon Manny Pacquiao. He made the statement after a Canadian hostage was killed by the group in Sulu.

In an interview with the Inquirer Thursday, April 28, Kris, who is on break from showbiz, said she was surprised it was made known to the public as she was on a commercial shoot.

“Honest truth, I was made aware of this plot late February, early March. My sisters tried to shield me because they didn’t want me to have more fear than necessary. If you recall, my sons and I left in March to go abroad for 3 weeks. The health reasons I cited weren’t fabricated because the stress coming from the threat had caused my BP to constantly elevate to higher than 150/110.

“I didn’t renew with ABS-CBN because of this threat. That was a painful decision, but I needed to make that judgment call so as not to expose others to harm. It was that serious that I walked away from a new two-year contract for a job I’ve loved for 20 years. I informed my bosses the pertinent facts, but not full details from the intelligence reports, and they kept what I was allowed to relay to them under wraps. I was told to strictly keep the news contained and I obeyed. And I am grateful for the respect I was shown,” she said.

In the same report, Kris said that she has been grateful to her family and close friends who knew of the situation and kept quiet about it.  She also said that she and sons – Josh and Bimby have been staying with her brother.

Meanwhile, in a report from Pep, Kris said that she would rather not disclose anymore details, since she is not in the position to do it. She said that her blood pressure went up again at 140/95.

“I don’t want to add any information because I just don’t want to continue making myself a target.

“All things are temporary, but getting through the tough times unscathed and with faith and dignity intact is really one of life’s challenges that I just need to hurdle.”

Kris was recently criticized online after photos of her using the presidential chopper for a sortie were posted online. Her brother defended her saying that she was part of the first family and was one of the highest taxpayers in the country. –



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