Recap: ‘Encantadia’ 2016 pilot episode explores the past
Recap: ‘Encantadia’ 2016 pilot episode explores the past
As 'Encantadia' returns to Philippine television, we learn more about the tumultuous past of its world

MANILA, Philippines – The time has come to go back into the wondrous realm of Encantadia. The rebooted GMA fantaserye is now back on Philippine TV after more than a decade off the air, and indeed, the magic still lives.

With an established mythology as the foundation of Encantadia’s story – the likes of the sang’gres, the 4 jewels (Brilyante), and the history of Encantadia’s kingdoms – what’s in store for this so-called “requel” or retelling of the tale? We find out as we head into the first episode, aired on July 18, Monday.

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A dragon flies over the skies of Lireo – astride it, a mysterious armored woman (Max Collins). She lands on the island of Cassiopea to fight against intruders.

The intruders are under Adhara (Sunshine Dizon), a traitorous diwata. The mysterious diwata battles Adhara but she is no match for her and is subdued, being taken into an unknown dimension.


Cassiopea (Solenn Heussaff), Lireo’s first queen, then appears and battles Adhara as the latter retreats.


Kabanata 1: Ang Dalawang Makapangyarihang Diwata
(Chapter 1: The Two Powerful Diwatas)

Aquil (Rocco Nacino) tells Queen Mine’a (Marian Rivera) that she has a guest: her sister and the same woman who Adhara had earlier defeated, Amihan. Amihan asks everyone in the room to give them time alone.


Later, Amihan reveals herself to be Adhara: “Madali kang lokohin (You are easy to fool), Mine-a.” She adds that she had kept Amihan in a place only she knows.

Mine-a transforms into her battle gear, fighting the warriors sent by Adhara. Adhara then demands Mine-a to give her jewel and the two battle it out. 


She manages to defeat Adhara with her sword, fatally injuring her, only to find out it was Amihan all alone – Adhara tricked her.

Mine-a tearfully apologized, but it was too late. Amihan was dead. Angry at the death of her sister, she curses Adhara, as the Brilyante ng Hangin takes her breath away. 

“Walang kapatawaran ang ginawa mo, kaya kamatayan ang sisingilin ko sa’yo,” she says.

(Your deed cannot be pardoned, so you must pay with death.)

The scene goes back to the ancient times as Cassiopea stands guard at her island where the Brilyante ng Kalikasan is kept. Adhara leads a siege against Cassiopea and the island.

To protect the Brilyante – even though Emre, their god would be furious – she divides it into four parts, each representing the elements that sustain the world of Encantadia. 


She imparts these four jewels to the four kingdoms that comprise Encantadia: Brilyante ng Tubig (Water) for Adamya, Brilyante ng Lupa (Earth) for Sapiro, Brilyante ng Hangin (Wind) for Lireo, and Brilyante ng Apoy (Fire) for Hathoria.

Kabanata 2: Ang Pagkaganid ng Ikaapat na Kaharian
(Chapter 2: The Greed of the Fourth Kingdom)

However, Hathoria’s king, Arvak (Roi Vinzon), is greedy and conquers Adamya. He grabs the Brilyante ng Tubig from Imaw (Noel Urbano), who surrenders it. 


Imaw tells Arvak that all of Encantadia loathes him, which enrages the Hathor king and stabs the wise Adamyan.

Now in possession of two jewels, Arvak claims that they are the strongest kingdom now, with Hagorn (John Arcilla) by his side.


Fortunately, Imaw survives and takes shelter in Lireo upon Mine-a’s invitation.

Kabanata 3: Ang Galit ni Cassiopea
(Chapter 3: Cassiopea’s Rage)

Cassiopea, upon learning of the greed of the Hathorians, confronts Arvak. Enraged, she asks them why they had betrayed her wishes: that they would use the Brilyante ng Apoy for the common good.

Through telepathy, she curses Arvak with an oracle: when Mine-a gives birth to a daughter, it comes at the same time as his death and the downfall of Hathoria.


In Sapiro, Muros (Carlo Gonzales) bearing good news, tells Prince Raquim (Dingdong Dantes) that Mine-a is pregnant with his child.


Back in Lireo, the young Pirena is told by Imaw that she will soon have a little sister. But Gurna (Vaness del Moral) poisons Pirena’s mind, saying that her younger sister would be a rival to her mother Mine-a’s love and Lireo’s crown.


In Hathoria, Arvak despairs about Cassiopea’s curse and proceeds to wage war against the rest of Encantadia.


Back in Lireo, Raquim visits Mine-a. They share a tender moment, hoping that their child would unite the Sapiryans and Diwatas of Lireo.


Aquil bears bad news: legions of Hathors are prepared to take over Sapiro.


Imaw blames himself for bringing Hathoria more power when he surrendered the water jewel. Then, Aquil asks for Mine-a’s permission to assist the Sapiryans in war.

Kabanata 4: Ang Digmaan ng Sapiro at Hathoria 
(Chapter 4: The War between Sapiro and Hathoria)

Alira Naswen (Julia Lee), a Sapiryan general, prepares her soldiers for battle. Her superior, Asval (Neil Ryan Sese), asks her if her troops are ready.


Armeo (Jestoni Alarcon) leaves Mayne with a baby, Ybrahim, as they prepare to go to war against the Hathors.


Back in Lireo, Mine-a prays before the statue of Emre to guide the Sapiryans and Lireo’s soldiers in battle. Suddenly, Emre gives a wondrous sign: Mine-a is about to give birth.


The Sapiryans and Lireans face the Hathors on the battlefield, as airships battle in the skies with magic.



Encantadia airs on GMA after 24 Oras. –

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