Jinri Park leaves ‘PBB Lucky 7’ house

Jinri Park leaves ‘PBB Lucky 7’ house
Kuya gives Jinri permission to leave and hints that she might be able to come back, as this is not a voluntary exit

MANILA, Philippines – Jinri Park has left the Pinoy Big Brother house.

On the Friday, July 29 episode of the series, Jinri said she had to leave but her reasons were kept confidential.

While talking to Kuya (Big Brother), however, he hinted that Jinri might enter the house again later in the season. “This is not a voluntary exit. I am giving you permission to go, and we will see if you can come back,” he said.

Jinri went out of the room where she was talking to Kuya and explained to her housemates that she was going to pack her bags, shower, and leave that night.

An emotional Jinri said: “If in case I can’t come back, I just want to say thank you because each one of you really made me know more about myself. I really, really had a great time with everyone and it really felt like family. I’m so happy I came here and met all of you because I now have a family.”

Jinri is the second celebrity houseguest to leave PBB, which is currently being shot in Vietnam. The first was DJ Chacha, who voluntarily left because she missed her child.

With Jinri gone, there are now 7 celebrity housemates in the house, including “2-in-1” housemates McCoy de Leon and Nikko Natividad. – Rappler.com

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