Kris Aquino on leaving ABS-CBN, future projects
Kris Aquino on leaving ABS-CBN, future projects
After taking a break from showbiz and announcing that she had a project with APT, Kris speaks up about her upcoming endeavors

MANILA, Philippines – Kris Aquino has admitted that she was afraid that many of her contracts with various projects would not be renewed after she took a break from showbiz in March.

During the forum of Ariel’s 100 Fearless Females Summit on Tuesday, October 11, Kris said it was possible, because she wouldn’t be on TV anymore.

“This microphone gives you power. When you’re seen every day, that adds to your credibility. So natakot ako talaga na, anong mangyayari? (I was afraid, what will happen)? What’s next?” she said.

She also admitted that it has been “3 weeks of hell” for her because of some setbacks that had to do with the projects she was supposed to start.

In September, Kris announced that she was doing a project under under APT Entertainment Incorporated, a subsidiary of Television And Production Exponents Philippines (TAPE) Incorporated. (READ: Kris Aquino reveals career plans after ABS-CBN move)

“I won’t go into the details about that hell has been, but it has been hell because several things I thought that we were supposed to start were delayed. And I cried myself to sleep until Friday night.

“Because Friday I have a support system, I have sisters who love me and kanya-kanya tayo di ba (we do things our own way, right)? We deal with problems in different ways. Siguro, I reached a point na (of) surrender, na God, ikaw na ang bahala (I leave it all up to you),” Kris said.

Kris said her sisters, Ballsy and Pinky, even asked her to go to mass at the Our Lady of Manaog in Pangasinan, and they arrived there just in time for the final mass.

Parang sabi ko, parang may pinararamdam sa akin na ‘Hoy, kung may setback man ngayon, God just wants to see how you’ll behave while you’re waiting. And it was after that finally that I got home, I was no longer crying because of what I was hoping to happen that did not happen. I started crying out of gratitude na oo nga naman, you’re showing me na meron pa ako puwedeng gawin, na huwag na ako matakot. Meron pa rin ako masasandalan,” she said.

(I told myself, it was like I was being made to sense that even if there’s a setback now, God just wants to see how you’ll behave while you’re waiting. And it was after that finally that I got home, I was no longer crying because of what I was hoping to happen that did not happen. I started crying out of gratitude that of course, you’re showing me that I can still do something, that I should not be afraid. I still have something to lean on.)

Photo by Rob Reyes/Rappler

Kris also said that she does miss ABS-CBN since she has worked with the network for a very long time. 

“I miss them. Ganoon kasimple (It’s that simple). I miss them. I miss the work. I miss what I do. I miss the daily conversations,” she said.

“I miss the 12 midnight text na ‘Eto yung nabago sa schedule (This is what changed in the schedule).’ I miss my cameramen….We’ve been like a family. This is also like an annulment,” she joked, referring to her annulment from her former husband James Yap.

She also said that it was her fault and that she could have chosen to remain with the network.

“I could still be there now. I was stupid. There were circumstances in February that prevented me from signing a really prepared, fair, easy, two-page contract…na in-agree-han halos lahat ng gusto ko (That they agreed to everything that I wanted). But none of you knew that was the time na nag-Abu Sayyaf threat,” she said, adding her health issues. 

In an interview with the Inquirer in April, Kris said she was aware as early as February or March that she was allegedly a target of the group. (READ:Kris Aquino says she was aware of alleged Abu Sayyaf kidnap plot)

Kris added: “Siguro at the time, akala ko pagbalik ko, may space pa (I guess at that time, I thought when I come back, there would still be some space for me). I overestimated my worth.”

She also said that she admitted to being afraid of not having a signed contract with a network.  She is, however, open to working with any network. 

“I don’t have an existing TV contract with anybody. So, if its God’s will, it might happen. And I’d be the happiest person. But if it’s also God’s will that GMA will welcome me, I’d be great,” she said.

“And if, come on, kapag sinabi ng CNN na part ng package (if CNN says that part of the package) is you get to meet Anthony Bourdain, I’d sign on right now,” Kris added, joking. –

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