WATCH: Kevin Hart, Jimmy Fallon visit ‘NY’s scariest haunted house’
WATCH: Kevin Hart, Jimmy Fallon visit ‘NY’s scariest haunted house’
Kevin and Jimmy shriek their way through a Blood Mansion's blood-spattered rooms as zombies and clowns jump out at them

MANILA, Philippines – Halloween is coming up and Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon decided to celebrate a little early.

For Jimmy’s late night show, the two took a scary stroll through Blood Manor, which calls itself “New York’s scariest haunted house.”

They screamed their way through the dark manor’s blood-spattered rooms as creepy clowns grabbed at them and zombies jumped out at them from every corner. At one point, Kevin even admitted, “Jimmy, I farted!”

Though they were able to convince a chainsaw-weilding clown to “stop it,” it didn’t last long – the shrieks continued as they made their way to the haunted house’s exit.

Of course, once they’re both safely out of the mansion, Kevin said with bravado, “If at any point you guys watch this and it looks like I am afraid – I’m an actor.”

What’s the scariest Halloween attraction you’ve tried? Let us know in the comments! –

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