WATCH: William Moseley on crowdfunding and ‘Carrie Pilby’

Vernise Tantuco
WATCH: William Moseley on crowdfunding and ‘Carrie Pilby’
Actor William Moseley talks about the indie movie 'Carrie Pilby,' his upcoming projects, and more

MANILA, Philippines – William Moseley is best known for his role as Peter Pevensie in the Narnia series of movies, but he’s taken on smaller roles and worked on a few independent projects since then.

The actor recently starred in Carrie Pilby, a crowdfunded project – director Susan Johnson, and producers Suzanne Farwell and Susan Cartsonis raised money for the film, and even exceeded their Kickstarter goal of $51,650.

Rappler spoke to William on Wednesday, March 29, and he said he didn’t know the film was crowdfunded when he first joined, adding that he’s met a few of their backers since.

“It’s incredible that it’s a Kickstarter project, it’s incredible that it worked,” William continued. “Because a lot of Kickstarter projects don’t work, they don’t get their financing, and when they do get their financing…

“I will say this about Kickstarter projects: A lot of them don’t work because it often comes with people’s ego, that the project perhaps isn’t good enough yet. The script isn’t tight enough and the actors perhaps… they haven’t really thought it through properly. But this was nothing like that.”


William is also part of the upcoming The Little Mermaid live-action remake by Conglomerate Media and Kingsway Productions, which is based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale.

In an interview with ANC, William acknowledged that the 2017 movie didn’t have the same budget as Disney’s 2018 film, but added, “It’s a small film but it has a lot of heart.”


“Heart” is what William is looking for in his films nowadays, he said, and an emotional connection is the most important thing to him when it comes to choosing projects.

He said: “You know, everybody has a family and that family probably has difficulties, or you’ve had arguments with so and so, or you’ve felt so passionate about something and you can’t contain it, or you’ve loved someone who doesn’t love you back, or you’ve loved someone and been in a relationship and it’s broken off for some really weird reason.

“But all of that is emotional, all of that’s heart, all of that is feeling. And without emotion, without heart and feeling and passion, there is no entertainment, in my opinion. Entertainment is based on heart and passion and love, really, and care.”

‘Carrie Pilby’

Photo courtesy of Pioneer Films

Based on a 2003 novel of the same name by Caren Lissner, Carrie Pilby is all about the human relationships that William talked about.

The movie follows Carrie (Bel Powley), a 19-year-old genius living in New York City, who graduates 4 years early from Harvard. Carrie finds people in the city oversexed, deceitful, and hypocritical, but as she fulfills each goal her psychiatrist asks her to do, Carrie finds that not everyone is how she expects them to be.

In the movie, William plays Cy, a musical genius and Carrie’s next-door neighbor.

“It’s relatable the way that everybody in the film isn’t perfect, which is true to life and humanity,” said William when asked how relatable a movie about two geniuses could be.

“We live in this world of social media and we all assume that beauty is the most important part of our lives, and who we should be, we should be sexy and appealing to men or women, and the film isn’t about that,” he continued.

Photo courtesy of Pioneer Films

“It’s about someone struggling with that actually, because she’s not sexy and tall and a supermodel, she’s somebody who has a brain. And she doesn’t feel like she fits into the world. But I think the message of the film actually is to be yourself. If you have a brain, you go out and be yourself, be true to who you are. And that’s one of the best things the world has to offer.”

Photo courtesy of Pioneer Films

Carrie Pilby premiered at the Toronto Film Festival 2016 and was released in Philippine cinemas on March 29. –

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