Andi Eigenmann opens up about boyfriend Emilio Arambulo

Alexa Villano
Andi Eigenmann opens up about boyfriend Emilio Arambulo
Andi Eigenmann speaks up about Emilio's relationship with her daughter Ellie, and possible plans for marriage

MANILA, Philippines – Andi Eigenmann has kept mum about her current relationship with Emilio Arambulo, but at a press conference for her show The Greatest Love, Andi opened up about the guy she’s been dating for almost two years. 

On Sunday, April 3, the press was curious about how Emilio and Ellie – Andi’s daughter with former boyfriend Jake Ejercito – got along. 

At the same press conference, Andie revealed that Jake filed a petition for joint custody of their daughter, and doesn’t seem happy about Emilio and Ellie spending time together. (READ: Andi Eigenmann clarifies tweets vs Jake Ejercito)

That day, Andi said Emilio does spend time with her daughter, and would even bring Ellie to school when she has shoots for her show: “Share kami talaga. Kumbaga, hindi siya nagpapaka-tatay, pero nagpapaka-helper siya sa akin. Support siya sa akin,” she said. (We really share the responsibility. It’s like, he’s not trying to be her father, but he’s helping me out. He’s really supportive with me.)

Andi also further clarified that Emilio is not out to replace Jake as a father figure to Ellie, and that he even wanted to talk with Jake. 

Hindi niya naiintindihan kasi iba sila mag-isip. Sasabihin [niya,] ‘Alam mo, kausapin ko na lang kaya si Jake. Baka pwede ko siya kausapin, to make him understand: hindi naman kita inaagawan, na huwag ka mag-alala, na sobrang love ka ni Ellie, bro,'” Andi said.

(He doesn’t understand because they think differently. He would say, ‘You know, maybe I’ll just talk to Jake. Maybe I can talk with him, to make him understand: I’m not trying to take her away, don’t worry, Ellie loves you so much, bro.)

Andi continued, speaking about Jake: “Lalo pang magagalit iyon. Hindi ganun ka-simple.” (He’ll just get angrier. It’s not that simple.)

“Hindi naman siya nakikialam, basta [sinasabi niya,] ‘I’m here for you. I love you and I won’t ever let anything bad happen to you,'” she said about Emilio. (He’s not meddling, [he just says,] ‘I’m here for you. I love you and I won’t ever let anything bad happen to you.)



In an interview on Tonight With Boy Abunda, Andie said, “I would love to marry him [Emilio] someday,” adding that he brought out the best in her.

On Sunday, the press asked Andi about it, and she said: “Hindi naman siya nag-propose (He did not propose). But you know, our relationship is very serious. Hindi naman siya yung basta-basta lang (It’s not just anything). It’s very serious and I’m welcomed by his family, and he’s also welcomed by mine. My family loves him too. 

“And so it’s there. It’s on that level already, that there’s no end [to the relationship]. We don’t see an end to this and all.”

Aside from her, Ellie, and Emilio always spending time together, Andie said she and Emilio have been preparing for a future together by saving up. Emilio, according to Andi, helps out at his family restaurant.

Is Ellie ready to have a stepfather in Emilio?

“Well, she’s only 5-years-old, saka magtu-two years na kami ni Emilio. So parang magfo-4 si Ellie nung magkakilala kami. So, parang alam niya, tanggap niya. Alam niya na kaming tatlo, may sarili kaming pamilya. Pero siya rin, with her dad. Emilio, wala, bestie,” she said.

(Well she’s only 5-years-old and I’ve been in a relationship with Emilio for almost two years. So Ellie was almost 4 when we met. So it’s like she knows, she accepts it. She knows that the 3 of us, we’re a family. But she also has a family with her dad. Emilio is like her bestie.) –

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